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how to make tie-dye shirts

How To Make Tie-Dye Shirts: A Step-by-Step Guide

Bored at home? Got a bunch of ratty old T-shirts? Instead of throwing them away, why not learn how to make tie-dye shirts? Follow these step-by-step tie-dye instructions to learn how to tie-dye t-shirts with all-natural dye. Read more

how to distill water

How to Distill Water: A Step by Step Guide

Why buy distilled water when you can distill it yourself at home? We’ll show you how to make distilled water in a few simple steps. Read more

drain smells

Get Rid of Nasty Drain Smells: 4 Household Cleaning Agents for the Kitchen and Bathroom

Sooner or later, it happens to you: your sink or shower drain smells absolutely nasty. We’ll show you what you can do about it, without resorting to caustic and expensive chemical products. Read more

how to freeze basil

Freezing Basil: 2 Ways that Preserve Flavor

If you’ve got more basil than you know what to do with, the solution is simple: freeze it. We’ll show you how to freeze basil properly with a few tips and tricks. Read more

how to use coconut oil for hair

How to Use Coconut Oil for Your Hair: 3 Tips

We’ll show you three ways to apply coconut oil to your hair. This easy remedy will help you get the strong, healthy hair that you’ve always wanted. Read more

apple cider vinegar for hair

How to Use Apple Cider Vinegar for Hair Care: Benefits and Hair Rinse Guide

Ditch the expensive conditioners full of chemicals and mystery ingredients. Who needs conventional hair-care products when you have… apple cider vinegar? That's right. We’ll show you how to use apple cider vinegar for hair care. Read more

DIY face mask – cloth face mask

DIY Face Mask: Sewing Instructions for Cloth Face Masks – and How They Protect Against Coronavirus

Is wearing a face mask compulsory, can simple cloth face masks protect you from the coronavirus, and how do you make your own DIY face mask? Find out here! Read more

how to freeze strawberries

How To Freeze Strawberries Without Losing Flavor

Freezing strawberries without losing flavor is easy. You can freeze the whole fruit or preserve these juicy berries pureed. Find out more here. Read more