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birds that sing at night

5 Birds That Sing at Night in the US (& What They Sound Like)

Which birds sing at night? From the rhythmic call of the eastern whip-poor-will to the impressive mimicry of the northern mockingbird, discover the enchanting sounds of these nocturnal birds. Read more

no dig gardening

Is “No Dig” Gardening the Veggie-Growing Method for You?

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Homemade ant trap

How to Make A Homemade Ant Trap: Step-by-Step DIY

Do you want to get rid of that trail of ants running through the house without using toxic pesticides? Here are two ways to make a homemade ant trap. Read more

spring bucket list

8 Spring Bucket List Ideas For Garden and Plant Lovers

Whether you're an avid gardener or a lover of all things green, our spring bucket list will give you some ideas for celebrating the arrival of new life and longer days. Read more

natural remedies for seasonal allergies

Combat Seasonal Allergies with Natural Remedies: Our Top Picks

Allergies got you down? Instead of reaching for over-the-counter medication, try these natural remedies for seasonal allergies to feel better. Read more

Wild Garlic a.k.a. Allium Ursinum: All You Need To Know

Wild garlic is one of the first edible plants to pop up in the spring. Here's where to find wild garlic and the best recipes to use it in! Read more

flowers to plant in march

7 Beautiful Flowers to Plant in March & more Spring Gardening Ideas

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Spring break destinations 2022

5 Unforgettable & Eco-friendly Spring Break Destinations (2023)

Looking for this year's best spring break destinations? From wild camping to cozy inns, here are the eco-friendly travel ideas you need. Read more