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what is freeze drying

What Is Freeze Drying & Is It Sustainable?

What is freeze-drying? If you're looking for ways to preserve food and limit food waste, you may have stumbled across this method. We'll take a closer look. Read more

edible water bottle

What Is an Edible Water Bottle and How Can I Make One?

Edible water bottles are the latest internet trend. But how are they made, and just what is the benefit? We'll take a closer look and show you how to make your own. Read more

What to do with old pillows

What To Do With Old Pillows: 8 Eco-Friendly Options

Ever wondered what to do with old pillows? Old pillows cannot usually be thrown away or easily recycled. Here are some eco-friendly ideas for things to do with old pillows. Read more

eco-friendly toilet paper

Eco-Friendly Toilet Paper Pros and Cons

Eco-friendly toilet paper is a sustainable alternative to traditional toilet paper. But is it all good? Read on to learn the pros and cons. Read more

Reuse plastic bags

14 Easy Ways to Reuse Plastic Bags

There are a number of sustainable, creative ways to reuse plastic bags. Follow this guide to reduce your environmental impact and save money around the house and garden. Read more

can you freeze baked beans

Can You Freeze Baked Beans? 7 Tricks to Save Time

Freezing food produce and leftover meals will help prevent food waste, but can you freeze baked beans? Here we give you some good practical tips on how to do so. Read more

reuse tea bags

10 Ways to Reuse Tea Bags

Reusing tea bags is an easy way to make your daily tea break more sustainable. Prevent waste and get double the benefits from your tea by following these simple tips. Read more

reuse keurig pods

Reuse Keurig Pods in 13 Eco-Friendly Ways

There are many practical ways to reuse Keurig pods and avoid adding them to landfill waste. Here's how to repurpose K-cups around the house. Read more