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wrapping Christmas presents

Eco-Friendly Tips for Wrapping Christmas Presents

Choosing sustainable gifts is only the first step towards an eco-friendly Christmas. Now you have to wrap them! Read on for some clever ideas for wrapping Christmas presents. Read more

edible leaves

13 Edible Leaves You Didn’t Know About

Edible leaves are a valuable and often overlooked food. Fight food waste and add nutrients to your diet these edible veggie leaves. Read more

peel carrots

Are You Still Wasting Time Peeling Carrots? Then Here’s Good News

Do you need to peel carrots and other vegetables? We'll take a closer look at some common myths and show you which vegetables you can eat with their skins on. Read more

scrub potatoes

This Is the Best Way to Scrub Potatoes

It's important to scrub potatoes before cooking. We'll look at what the best method for scrubbing potatoes and some practical tips you can use in the process. Read more

how to preserve sunflowers

How to Preserve Sunflowers: Top Tips

Knowing how to preserve sunflowers will not only prevent molding but will also up your decor game. The best way to preserve sunflowers is by drying them — we'll show you how. Read more

recycle tape

Is Tape Recyclable? Clear & Easy Tips

It's hard to remember recycling rules — is tape recyclable? What tape should you throw out? Read on for a painless guide to recycling tape. Read more

Watermelon rinds on a plate

4 Watermelon Rind Recipes & Surprising Benefits

Watermelon rind is healthy and tasty. Here are 4 creative recipes (including pickled watermelon rind!) to use leftovers and avoid food waste. Read more

Scratched non stick pan

Why Scratched Non-stick Pans Could Harm You

A possible friend in the kitchen, but what should you do if you have a scratched non-stick pan? Is it harmful? We explore whether to use it, fix it, or throw it away. Read more