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are paper towels recyclable

No, Your Paper Towels Aren’t Recyclable or Compostable

Are paper towels recyclable? Find out why you can't recycle or compost this household staple and what you can do instead. Read more

10 Surprising Benefits of Composting

10 Surprising Benefits of Composting

There is much more to composting than meets the eye! Here are 10 of the most surprising benefits of composting. Read more

project 333

What is the Project 333 Challenge?

The Project 333 Challenge is a minimalist fashion challenge that reduces your wardrobe without gutting your closet. Get started today! Read more

where does trash go

Where Does Your Trash Go? The Ugly Truth

Where does trash go? The answer is more complicated than you think. Learn more about where garbage ends up and the environmental implications. Read more

non renewable resources examples

Non-Renewable Resources: 5 Examples Explained

These five examples of non-renewable resources will give you an idea of how destructive the use of them can be, and why experts insist that we must transition to renewables. Read more

How to preserve aloe vera gel

How to Preserve and Store Aloe Vera Gel

Wondering how to preserve aloe vera gel? It can be difficult to store due to its sticky nature, but the health benefits make it worth your while. Read more

Life without plastic easy tips

Life Without Plastic: Simple Tips for Going Plastic-Free

Plastic makes our lives easier, but it’s destroying our planet. Getting rid of plastic can seem impossible, but it's actually easy to find everyday alternatives to plastic. Read more

causes of water pollution

10 Causes of Water Pollution & What You Can Do

Human activity has far-reaching consequences, and water pollution is a major concern. Here are the 10 biggest causes of water pollution. Read more