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Thanksgiving activities for adults

15 Post-Turkey Thanksgiving Activities for Adults

Time to spice up your holiday routine and try out some new Thanksgiving activities for adults this year. We'll show you the fifteen best post-dinner activities. Read more

Sequoia national park hikes

The 11 Most Epic Sequoia National Park Hikes

California is a great place to hike due to the varied landscapes, climates, and vast amount of trails. Check out these scenic Sequoia National Park hikes. Read more

best hikes near Las Vegas

These Are the 5 Best Hikes Near Las Vegas

A trip to Vegas doesn't have to be about visiting the Strip. Lace up your shoes, get outside, and spend time in nature with these best hikes near Las Vegas. Read more

diy halloween costume ideas

13 DIY Halloween Costumes Using Items Your Already Own

These DIY Halloween costume ideas are great whether you like to plan ahead or throw things together last minute. You can be a spooky bat, cute strawberry, or one of many others. Read more

Camping crafts.

10 Camping Crafts for Adults

Looking for activities to do on your camping trip? Then look no further. We'll give you ten ideas for sustainable camping crafts for adults and what you need for them. Read more

staycation - relaxing at home

Staycation Ideas: 6 Ways to Enjoy a Relaxing Vacation at Home

Enjoy a staycation to avoid the stress of crowds, airports, traffic and packing suitcases. Here are some ideas as to what your staycation can look like. Read more

Best state parks in Texas

The 8 Best State Parks in Texas for Camping, Hiking, Swimming

Texas is full of natural attractions ranging from its rock formations to its rivers and sand dunes. Check out eight of the best state parks in Texas and get to know the state! Read more

greenest cities

10 of the World’s Greenest Cities

The world's greenest cities can serve as examples for urban planners. As the climate crisis looms, it's more important than ever that cities invest in sustainable development. Read more