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vegan resorts

8 Vegan Resorts for Your Next Foodie Holiday

Vegan resorts are becoming more popular as the interest in plant-based cuisine becomes more commonplace. We'll share 8 vegan resorts for your next foodie vacation. Read more

east coast vacation spots

6 Secret East Coast Vacation Spots

Looking for a secret vacation spot? Head east and delve into the rich history and culture of the US East Coast. Here we outline some great vacation spots you will surely love. Read more


The 10 Hottest Cli-Fi Books You Need to Read

Cli-fi is short for climate fiction, books that explore the potential outcomes of the climate crisis and global warming. They must just inspire you to take climate action. Read more

Spring break destinations 2022

5 Unforgettable & Eco-friendly Spring Break Destinations (2023)

Looking for this year's best spring break destinations? From wild camping to cozy inns, here are the eco-friendly travel ideas you need. Read more

natural wonders of the us

The 16 Natural Wonders of the US You Need to See in 2023

These natural wonders of the US prove that you don't need to leave the country to experience incredible sites. Visit one of them on your next vacation. Read more

how to geocache

How to Geocache: A Beginner’s 7-Step Guide

Geocaching is a great way to get some fresh air and explore new places, and it can also be a  great source of exercise. Learn how to geocache with this simple guide. Read more

eco friendly resort

7 Eco-Friendly Resorts for Sustainable Travelers

Planning your next vacation and looking for eco-friendly resorts near you? We’ve found 8 incredible locations across the country for you to enjoy. Read more

hiking by the beach

Hiking by the Beach: The 11 Most Beautiful US Coastal Hikes

Hiking by the beach is one of the most beautiful and fun ways to explore your natural environment. Discover some of the most scenic coastal hikes across the US. Read more