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best hikes in Canada.

11 Jaw-Dropping Hikes in Canada

Some of the best hikes in Canada are not too far from the American border. If you're looking for a change of scenery, look no further than your northern neighbor. Read more

How to find geodes.

How to Find Geodes in 4 Steps (And Where to Look)

Learn how to find geodes and find physical proof that beauty does indeed lie within. Discover more about these unusual rock formations and how you might find them in nature. Read more

christmas vacation ideas

The 8 Best Local Christmas Vacation Ideas

Whether your family tradition is to go on a winter trip every year or to stay home, these Christmas vacation ideas are sure to get you thinking about changing it up this year.  Read more

thrift stores in manhattan

Thrift Stores in Manhattan: 8 Best Shops for Second Hand Treasures

Check out these eight thrift stores in Manhattan to explore New York City while doing some sustainable shopping for curated vintage and pre-owned pieces. Read more

Green Thanksgiving tips

8 Simple Ways to Have a Green Thanksgiving

Celebrating a green Thanksgiving doesn't necessarily mean raising your own organically-fed turkey in the backyard. Especially on this cherished American holiday, making small changes to your celebratory holiday routines can make your celebration a bit more sustainable. Read more

best wellness retreats

10 Best Wellness Retreats in the US

Feeling a bit run down lately and need a break? Head to one of the best wellness retreats in the country to enjoy a little bit of rest and relaxation. Read more

camping packing list

You Will Not Miss Anything With This Camping Packing List

What's on your camping packing list? This guide covers all the sustainable camping essentials that you may need on your next trip in the great outdoors. Read more

adopting old dog

The Advantages and Risks of Adopting an Old Dog

Adopting an old dog can be one of the most rewarding things that you (and your pooch) can experience. But what are the pros and cons? Read on to find out more. Read more