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10 Best Wellness Retreats in the US

best wellness retreats
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Feeling a bit run down lately and need a break? Head to one of the best wellness retreats in the country to enjoy a little bit of rest and relaxation.

Health and wellness vacations have become increasingly popular over the last few years as people realize the importance of self-care. A wellness retreat is a getaway that helps you cleanse and detox while focusing on the well-being of your body, mind, and soul.

There are so many incredible places offering wellness retreats in the US, as well as resorts that allow you to create your own experience through their spas, activities, and food offerings. Let’s take a look at some of the best wellness retreats

1. Castle Hot Springs, Arizona

This historic resort recently reopened in 2019 as a luxury property with price tags to match. That said, all your meals, access to the hot springs, and daily classes and activities are included. You can enjoy paddle board yoga, guided hikes, sound baths, tai chi, meditation, archery and gardening. 

Their onsite spa offers a wide range of massages, body rituals, and energy therapies, while the naturally warm, mineral-rich waters of the hot spring have grounding benefits to soothe aches and pains. The property’s three acres of farming soil are put to good use, as they use the harvests to feed guests. Farm tours are also available for those who wish to see where their food comes from. 

This year, they’re offering two sessions for a three-night sleep retreat hosted by Dr. Rebecca Robbins. The sessions include discussions, strategies, meditations, and centering activities designed to fix your sleep schedule and give you a good night’s sleep. 

2. Deer Lake Lodge Spa Resort, Texas

Deer Lake Lodge Spa Resort is located just north of Houston and touts itself as Texas’ original intermittent fasting retreat. The central focus of this wellness retreat is detoxing and cleansing. They offer a fasting lounge for program participants that includes organic soups, juices, teas, probiotics, and nutritional supplements to accelerate the detox process. 

This is one of the best wellness retreats if you’re looking for a wide variety of wellness classes and treatments. They include breath work and meditation, yoga, reiki, energy cleanses and traditional day spa treatments. You can also take nutrition and raw food classes to continue your journey once you go home. 

3. Skyterra Wellness Retreat, North Carolina

Skyterra Wellness Resort is one of the most comprehensive wellness retreats. They have a minimum stay of one week, so you can truly focus on your health and well-being. The pillars of their program include self-care and stress management, weight loss, fitness and mobility, culinary and nutrition, recreation and adventure, yoga and mindfulness. There are over 80 classes to choose from, and an onsite spa will help you unwind and relax.  

They offer an intimate group setting with less than 35 guests at any given time and help you develop a plan to keep up your wellness journey at home. They offer a free library of resources like recipes, videos, and sample lectures.   

4. Miraval Berkshires Resort & Spa, Massachusetts

The Miraval Berkshires Resort & Spa is the best wellness retreat in the Berkshires for those seeking a digital detox. Mindfulness is at the core of the Miraval philosophy, and this digital-device-free resort lets you experience each moment without any distractions. 

You can choose the type of wellness retreat you wish to experience, and the staff will assist you in choosing the right workshops to align with this goal. Amenities include breathwork and cold immersion, floating meditations, archery, nature hikes and bike rides, traditional Eastern massages, vibrational sound therapy, nutrition and cooking classes, and a wide variety of other activities. There is something for everyone. 

5. Eupepsia Wellness Resort, Virginia

Eupepsia is an award-winning wellness retreat nestled in the Appalachian Mountains that offers seven different types of health retreats depending on your needs. Here you can enjoy organic vegetarian farm-to-table meals and a wide range of therapies tailored to your individual needs. 

The spa and wellness area features a flotation therapy area, hot stone chairs, a salt chalet, hydrotherapy, and a traditional wellness spa. For those wishing to sweat out toxins, you can enjoy the gym and sports facilities or head out to enjoy the hiking trails surrounding the property. 

6. Esalen Wellness Retreat, California

This non-profit holistic retreat and educational institute provides ample opportunity for self-exploration. This is one of the best wellness retreats in the country if you wish to go on a deeper wellness journey. They offer ways to extend your time there through work stays and volunteer programs. 

There are various workshops, including meditation, micro-dosing, and mindfulness practices. Or, you can arrive for a time of self-discovery with a less structured program. Take advantage of the natural hot springs, organic farm and garden, pool, meditation hut, and art barn. 

7. Breitenbush Hot Springs, Oregon

The best wellness retreat for getting back to basics is the Breitenbush Hot Springs Resort. Staying here involves a full digital detox — there is no cell service or WiFi. This wellness retreat boasts off-grid living and uses hydroelectric power from the river and heat from the natural hot springs. 

Your stay includes full access to the amenities, daily well-being classes, and use of the labyrinth for meditative walking, as well as a sauna and hot springs. You’ll enjoy three vegetarian meals daily made from nearly 100% organic and locally sourced ingredients.  

It is a substance-free resort that is ideal for nature therapy. Just remember to bring your own linens, as the accommodation offerings are rudimentary. Enjoy the time away from daily distractions to reconnect with yourself and others. 

8. YO1 Longevity & Health Resorts, New York

YO1 is easily one of the best wellness retreats in the Catskills due to its vast product offerings. Here you can experience a wide variety of health programs, including those dedicated to anxiety, depression, weight management, insomnia, and pain. They also offer curative therapies like acupuncture, yoga, naturopathy and Ayurveda. 

All the food is organic, sustainably grown, and made using locally sourced ingredients. They also offer a showcase kitchen to watch them make the healthy meals you wish to incorporate at home. Relax at the spa or enjoy an outdoor massage to round out your stay. 

9. The Lodge at Woodlock, Pennsylvania

This adults-only resort is tucked away in the Poconos and allows guests to refocus and take some time out for themselves. It’s one of the best wellness retreats in the area with its full-service spa and range of wellness classes, including meditation and yoga, and fitness classes such as spin, cardio, and aquafit. It also offers general interest courses like painting and cooking. For outdoor enthusiasts, you can use your time away to recenter using hiking trails, archery, watersports, birdwatching, and foraging lessons. 

Food is vital at the Lodge, which is why they boast their own vegetable garden and orchard, composting operation, mushroom logs, and even an apiary. The ingredients are used in the restaurants and the spa, making this a truly local experience. 

10. Sedona Wellness Retreat, Arizona

This B&B-style retreat focuses on medically supervised cleansing, detoxing and juicing programs. The three programs they offer include an advanced wellness program, a water fast, or a juice fast cleanse. The therapy offerings include craniosacral therapy, acupuncture, and immunotherapy, along with traditional massage and bodywork. They also offer nutritional and educational talks and demonstrations. 

The team of naturopathic doctors helps to combine what nature has to offer with modern science. They take a holistic approach to help you transition what you learn at the retreat to your home life. 

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