4 Sustainable Last-Minute Gifts

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Every year, the same tune – it’s almost Christmas, Mother’s Day, or someone’s birthday and we’ve forgotten to get them a gift. Our last-minute selections leave much to be desired – and often carry the impersonal scent of haste and doubt.

But not this year: we’ve gathered recommendations for nice, meaningful, and sustainable last-minute gifts readily available on short notice.

Always A Good Gift: A Nice Reusable Water Bottle

Reusable Water Bottle like Klean KanteenA reusable water bottle is a must-have accessory for any responsible consumer. It’s a sign that we’re fed up with single-use PET bottles and are doing our part to fight the global plastic problem. A great source, even last minute, for funky and fashionable water bottles are any well-stocked sport, outdoor, or fair trade store.

An Annual Magazine Subscription

The gift that keeps on giving – share an entire year’s worth of information on environmental protection, consumerism, economics, or nutrition with an annual magazine subscription. With a subscription to Greenpeace Magazine, Slow Food Magazine, or other environmentally focused publications, your last-minute gift brings not only joy to your recipient, but a good year’s worth of new, sustainable ideas straight to their household.

Subscriptions cost less than you think – anywhere from $10-50/year, depending on the magazine.

A Gift For Foodies: A DIY Meal Delivery Box

DIY Meal Delivery BoxSubscription meal delivery boxes are a popular new trend. As a one-time subscription isn’t always possible, you can simply put together your own version of a favorite recipe as a gift for your friends and family.

Since you want to keep ingredients as fresh as possible, it makes sense to pack the box right before you give it – the perfect last-minute gift.

Donate in Someone Else’s Name

Most of us already have everything we need. If that’s the case, it can be better to donate money for projects in need in the name of your intended recipient.

Many charities have even come up with clever ways to do this: at Oxfam, for example, you can buy bees, goats, chickens, or cows (depending on the size of your donation) for families in developing countries.

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