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volunteer opportunities for kids

12 Cool Volunteer Opportunities for Kids

Volunteering has many benefits and it's never too early to get started. We'll show you some of the best volunteer opportunities for kids to get younger ones involved. Read more

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How to Make Paper Stars: Easy Craft Tutorial for Christmas Stars

Looking for a fun, easy Christmas craft? Here's how to make paper stars using just recycled materials and tape. Read more

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How To Make Salt Dough Ornaments (For All Ages)

Salt dough ornaments are a fun project for all ages. With our quick and easy salt dough recipe, you can create unique works of art. Read more

winter activities for kids

Stop Boredom With These 20 Fun Winter Activities for Kids

Coming up with winter activities for kids isn't always easy. We've compiled a list of creative and eco-friendly ways to keep them occupied during the colder months. Read more

DIY sled

7 Easy Homemade Sled Ideas To Try This Winter

These DIY sleds can be made using easy and eco-friendly methods from materials around your home. Enjoy sledding season with our homemade seven sled ideas. Read more

Gift of time

21 Gift of Time Ideas for Giving Quality Time

Spending time with family and friends is worth much more than a silly trinket. Here are some ideas on how to give gifts of quality time. Read more

Eco-Friendly Toys for Kids as Sustainable Gift Ideas

Toys can contain harmful substances like toxic paints. So better be mindful of your choices – and check out these 5 eco-friendly toys. Read more

How to make crayons.

How to Make Crayons at Home

If you've got broken crayons lying around the house, don't throw them away! You can easily upcycle them. Here's how to make crayons at home. Read more