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cooking sorghum

Cooking Sorghum: This Is How It’s Done

Sorghum is the new “super grain” on the market and cooking sorghum could not be easier. Follow this guide to learn what sorghum is, why it is a more eco-friendly super grain and how to cook it. Read more

is sugar vegan

Is Sugar Vegan? What You Should Look out For

You might be surprised to find out that some sugar is actually not vegan. The good news is there are lots of vegan sugars out there, as well as alternative sweeteners! Read more

wasabi mayo

Wasabi Mayo: An Easy (and Vegan) Recipe

Wasabi mayo is a tangy and spicy twist on sometimes too-simple mayo. This recipe offers vegan ingredients so you don't have to feel guilty about consuming animal products, and it's a healthier alternative. Read more

is sugar alcohol bad for you

Is Sugar Alcohol Bad For You? Here’s What You Need to Know

Do you worry whether sugar alcohol is bad for you? In fact, there are actually many benefits to these alternative sweeteners! Read more

Mantou recipe

Vegan Mantou Recipe: How to Make Chinese Steamed Buns

For those who love Chinese food but want to follow a vegan diet, here's our vegan mantou recipe. Read more

can you eat broccoli leaves

Can You Eat Broccoli Leaves? 2 Easy Recipes

When it comes to zero waste cooking, every part of the vegetable counts. Can you eat broccoli leaves? Let’s take a closer look at this member of the brassica family. Read more

candied lemon slices

How to Make Candied Lemon Slices: Zero Waste Recipe

Candied lemon slices are incredibly easy to make, and can be eaten as is, or serve as a gorgeous garnish for baked goods. Learn how to make and use candied lemon slices here. Read more

will wine freeze

Will Wine Freeze? How and When Should You Freeze Wine?

It’s fairly well known that if you put high-proof alcohol in your freezer, it won’t fully freeze. However, wine has a much lower percentage of alcohol than distilled spirits, so will wine freeze? Let’s take a look. Read more