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How to make vegan ground beef

Vegan Ground Beef: How to Make Plant-Based Taco Meat

Craving some meat but currently on a plant-based diet? Learn how to make a tasty, vegan ground beef to include on your meat-free recipes. Read more

How to freeze bagels without plastic

How to Freeze Bagels Without Plastic

Looking for a way to keep your bagels fresher for longer? We’ll show you how to freeze bagels without plastic, and how to make them taste fresher afterwards. Read more

stale bread recipes

Stale Bread Recipes: 4 Creative and Tasty Ideas

Stale bread is not just for the birds! We have some tried and tested stale bread recipes for turning your old loaves into something tasty again. Read more

what are csa farms

What Are CSA Farms? A Guide to Community Supported Agriculture

What are CSA farms? Community Supported Agriculture refers to a farming operation in which growers and consumers join forces to share the risks and benefits of food production. Read more

soy milk vs. almond milk

Soy Milk vs. Almond Milk for the Planet and You

Soy milk and almond milk are two popular options for plant-based milk alternatives. Both have their own nutritional and environmental strengths and weaknesses. Read more

How to freeze sweet corn

How to Freeze Sweet Corn On & Off the Cob

Corn is one of America's favorite crops–it is grown throughout the U.S. and found in many classic dishes. In this article, you can read all about why and how to freeze corn. After all, there's only so much corn you can eat while it is in season! Read more

chocolate snowball cookies

Chocolate Snowball Cookies That are Vegan & Delicious

Wintertime: cozying by the fire with a warm drink and a chocolate snowball cookie. Make a batch of your own homemade vegan snowball cookies today. Read more

DIY tea bags

How to Make Easy DIY Tea Bags

When it comes to brewing tea, most of us probably grab a tea bag and pour hot water over it. In this article, we'll show you how to make your own DIY tea bags and list other sustainable alternatives. Read more