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Perilla oil

Perilla Oil: Why & What You Should Cook With the Korean Seed Oil

Perilla oil is a staple in Korean cooking and is a favorite for dipping and drizzling on many dishes. Learn why you should cook with this tasty Korean seed oil. Read more

Vegan tiramisu.

Homemade Vegan Tiramisu (With Silken Tofu)

Vegan tiramisu is creamy and delicious thanks to the use of silken tofu. You won't be able to resist this twist on a classic with our quick and easy recipe. Read more

Best vegan restaurants san francisco

9 of the Best Vegan Restaurants in San Francisco

San Francisco has an array of fantastic restaurants. However, do you know what the best vegan options are? Here are the best vegan restaurants in San Francisco. Read more

How to Blanche Broccoli

How to Blanch Broccoli 3 Ways

Learning how to blanch broccoli will improve its taste and make it easier to store or freeze without losing the beneficial nutritional properties. Read more

Smoked pumpkin seeds

Tasty Smoked Pumpkin Seeds Recipe

Smoked pumpkin seeds make a tasty snack or a healthy topping for salads. Don't let those pumpkin seeds go to waste, follow this simple recipe to make a crunchy treat. Read more

how to store fresh cilantro

How to Store Fresh Cilantro to Make It Last Longer

There's nothing quite like the zing of fresh cilantro, but what if yours is showing a desire to wilt? Here's how to store fresh cilantro in two easy ways. Read more

Vegan latkes

Tasty Vegan Latkes + 5 Toppings to Try

Vegan latkes are a kind of crispy potato pancake which is fried and served with the topping of your choice. They're traditionally served on the Jewish festival of Hannukah. Read more

homemade hot cocoa

Hot Chocolate With Cocoa Powder Recipe

Cold weather got you down? Sounds like it’s time for homemade hot chocolate with cocoa powder. Here's a simple recipe with some helpful tips. Read more