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Neem leaves benefits

Neem Leaves: Benefits, Uses and Side Effects

Neem leaves benefits have been praised for centuries, from ancient times to modern medicine. Here are the key uses of the neem leaf. Read more

peel carrots

Are You Still Wasting Time Peeling Carrots? Then Here’s Good News

Do you need to peel carrots and other vegetables? We'll take a closer look at some common myths and show you which vegetables you can eat with their skins on. Read more

olives how to preserve

How to Cure Olives in Salt Brine — Easily Explained

Do you know how to preserve olives for maximum flavor? Here's a step-to-step guide to preserving olives and some general tips and tricks for storing olives at home. Read more

how to freeze salsa

You Can Freeze Salsa Sustainably — Here’s How

Why throw away all that lovely leftover salsa when you can freeze it? We'll show you how to freeze salsa so you get the most from this ever-popular condiment. Read more

How to air fry tofu.

How to Air Fry Tofu Perfectly Every Time

Tofu can be cooked in the air fryer with no oil and in only ten minutes. We'll show you how to air-fry tofu perfectly every time, with this delicious, flavorful recipe. Read more

Avocado oil in baking.

Using Avocado Oil for Baking? The Ugly Truth

Avocado oil can work well in baking as it has a host of health benefits. However, baking with it is not without drawbacks — learn more to find out if you can use avocado oil for baking. Read more

Sweet potatoes plastic packaging eliminate waste

How To Put an End To Buying Vegetables in Plastic Packaging

Plastic-free shopping isn't hard. Everybody can contribute to waste reduction by cutting wrapped up groceries from their shopping list. We'll show you how – in three easy tips. Read more

potato sprouts

This Is How You Can Tell if Potatoes Are Bad

When are potatoes bad? After a potato sprouts, it can become poisonous and unfit to eat. Here’s how to tell whether or not a potato is still okay to eat. Read more