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vegan picnic ideas

27 Delicious Vegan Picnic Ideas You Need to Try

There's nothing better than a vegan picnic on a warm, sunny afternoon. Here's how to picnic in harmony with the environment and with your appetite. Read more

How to prep a mango

How to Prep a Mango Like a Pro

Looking for the most efficient and professional way to cut mangoes? We will show you how to prep a mango like a pro with this simple method. Read more

Turmeric Milk: Benefits and Most Popular Recipes

Turmeric Milk: Benefits and Recipe Variations

Turmeric milk has many potential health benefits and is known for its warming and comforting spice mix. Find out which benefits are real and the options you have for making your own “golden milk”. Read more

sugar beet vs. sugar cane

Sugar Beet vs. Sugar Cane: Why It Really Makes a Difference

While sugar beets and sugar cane may not look alike, they do share several qualities. We'll take a closer look at these two plants, including their environmental impact. Read more

What is kombu

What Is Kombu? 5 Ways to Use the Miracle Seaweed

Wondering what kombu is? Kombu is a type of seaweed that is popular in Japanese cuisine. It offers many nutritional benefits and is a surprisingly sustainable food source. Read more

vegan gift baskets

5 Easy Vegan Gift Basket Ideas

Vegan gift baskets will delight your loved ones with thoughtful, cruelty-free treats. Here are 5 creative ideas for the perfect gift basket. Read more

how to freeze butternut squash

How to Freeze Butternut Squash Sustainably (3 Ways, No Plastic)

Freezing is a great way to ensure you always have your favorite foods nearby when you crave them. Check out how to freeze butternut squash to enjoy this fall favorite year-round. Read more

pickled walnuts

Pickled Walnuts: Make the Healthy Snack in 7 Steps

You should definitely add pickled walnuts to your snack list — they're extra healthy and well-preserved this way. Learn how to make them at home in seven easy steps. Read more