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Agar agar recipe.

Easy Agar-Agar Recipe for Indonesian Pudding

This agar-agar pudding recipe is sweet like caramel and has a texture similar to Jell-O, but is entirely vegan. Try this Indonesian pudding the next time you're craving dessert. Read more

Coconut water vs. coconut milk

Coconut Water vs. Coconut Milk: Tips & Recipes

Coconut water vs. coconut milk: two very different beverages. Here is where they come from and if they're sustainable. Read more

This is How You Toast Slivered Almonds Step by Step

Almonds are delicious, versatile nuts that taste great on their own or in other dishes. We'll show you how to toast slivered almonds to bring out their flavor. Read more

how to store spinach

How to Store Spinach So It Lasts Longer

Have too much of this leafy green on your hands? Learn how to store spinach so you can enjoy its benefits as long as possible. Read more

neem tea

What Is Neem Tea and Why Should You Drink It?

Neem tea has many benefits you might not be aware of. Below, we'll take a look at this healthful herbal plant and see just what it can offer. Read more

is marshmallow fluff vegan

Is Marshmallow Fluff Vegan? Which Brands Are & How to DIY

Marshmallow fluff is a popular ingredient used as a sandwich spread and in baking, but is marshmallow fluff vegan? Let's take a closer look. Read more

Greek Yogurt vs. Regular Yogurt

Greek Yogurt vs. Regular Yogurt: Health, Taste and Culinary Uses

What is the difference between Greek yogurt vs. regular yogurt? Below, we'll take a look at the differences between the two and show you how to use them in the kitchen. Read more

How to make vegetarian stew.

How to Make Vegetarian Stew

Vegetarian stew is warming, hearty and nutritious — perfect for chilly days. We'll explain how to make vegetarian stew all in one pot, using simple ingredients. Easy! Read more