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Vegan Girl Scout cookies

Complete Vegan Girl Scout Cookies List for 2023

It's Girl Scout cookie time again and vegans don't need to miss out as there are now six vegan Girl Scout cookies to choose from. Read on to learn more. Read more

winter squash soup

How To Make the Best Winter Squash Soup With Any Squash

With this winter squash soup recipe, you'll learn how to turn some of the lesser-known squash varieties into a delicious and nutritious meal. Read more

winter squash varieties

An Overview of All Winter Squash Varieties and How To Use Them

Many different winter squash varieties are available in the fall and winter months. Each is unique, so learn how to use the most common types here. Read more

baked apples in oven

Make These Baked Apples in the Oven for a Cozy Night In

Craving a comforting snack to warm you up on cold winter days? Look no further. We will show you how to make the perfect baked apples in the oven for your cozy days in. Read more

how to freeze avocados

This Is How You Can Freeze Avocados

Can avocados be frozen? We thought you’d never ask. Ripe avocados spoil quickly, but they will keep for much longer in the freezer. We’ll show you the best ways to freeze avocados halved, or as purée. Read more

You can you eat banana peels.

Can You Eat Banana Peels? 3 Recipe Ideas

Can you eat banana peels and are they good for you? Instead of tossing the banana skin in the trash, read on to find out why they may be good for you and how you can eat them. Read more

native fruits of north america

14 Native Fruits of North America (And Where to Find Them)

You'd be surprised at all the tasty fruit you can grow yourself or find in the wild. Check out these native fruits of North America to look for this summer. Read more

How to make orange food coloring.

How to Make Orange Food Coloring Naturally 3 Ways

Food coloring can contain unnatural additives and sometimes isn't suitable for vegans. We'll show you how to make orange food coloring in three natural ways. Read more