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How to make orange food coloring.

How to Make Orange Food Coloring Naturally 3 Ways

Food coloring can contain unnatural additives and sometimes isn't suitable for vegans. We'll show you how to make orange food coloring in three natural ways. Read more

Are chocolate chips vegan?

Are Chocolate Chips Vegan? What Brands Are?

Vegans must be picky when choosing chocolate chips for baking, as they sometimes contain animal products. We'll discuss why chocolate chips are not all vegan and recommend some that are. Read more

vegan crockpot recipes

9 Mouthwatering and Cozy Vegan Crockpot Recipes

Vegan crockpot recipes are a sustainable alternative to traditional slow-cooker dishes. Check out these tasty recipes from around the world. Read more

Gochujang substitutes

9 Gochujang Substitutes Ranked From Best to Worst

Gochujang is a fermented paste used for smokey, delicious flavor. Don't have any on hand? Check out these excellent gochujang substitutes. Read more

vegan substitute for heavy cream

8 Delicious Vegan Heavy Cream Substitutes

Supermarket dairy-free heavy cream substitutes can be pricey and unhealthy. However, you can make vegan heavy cream substitutes yourself! Read more

how to make black food coloring

How to Make Black Food Coloring for Baking and Frosting

If you want to decorate with black icing or frosting, you'll want to learn how to make black food coloring yourself. Here's how. Read more

keeping squirrels out of garden

10 Foolproof Fixes to Make Food Less Spicy

Have you made something that's too spicy? Here's how to make food less spicy quickly & what helps when what you're eating is already too hot. Read more


Veganuary for Beginners

Do you have what it takes to complete the 31-Day Veganuary Challenge? Find out what it is, why it exists and how taking the challenge can benefit you. Read more