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vegan bao

Easy Vegan Bao Recipe With Eggplant & Zucchini

Vegan bao buns are light and fluffy and can be stuffed with the filling of your choice. You don't need a mixer or steamer to try out our tasty recipe. Read more

how to eat pumpkin seeds

Can You Eat Pumpkin Seeds + Shells? Yes — Here’s How

Pumpkin seeds are a tasty and nutritious addition to your diet. But can you eat the shells, too? Here's how to eat pumpkin seeds and some must-try recipes. Read more

can you eat raw tofu

Can You Eat Tofu Raw? Yes — Here’s How

Can you eat raw tofu? That's kind of a trick question! We'll look at what you should keep in mind, and give you some ideas on how to use it in dishes. Read more

Pumpkin pie overnight oats

Pumpkin Pie Overnight Oats: Vegan & Sustainable

Turn the classic and much-loved autumnal dessert into a healthy and nutritious breakfast with our delicious vegan pumpkin pie overnight oats recipe. Read more

How are cashews harvested?

A Deep Dive Into Cashews: How Sustainable Are These Popular Nuts?

How are cashews harvested? Are cashews sustainable? Are they ethical and are they healthy? Are cashews even a nut? Find out all you need to know about cashews by reading more. Read more

what is freeze drying

What Is Freeze Drying & Is It Sustainable?

What is freeze-drying? If you're looking for ways to preserve food and limit food waste, you may have stumbled across this method. We'll take a closer look. Read more

vegan substitute for evaporated milk

The Best Vegan Evaporated Milk: 3 Easy Methods

From the savory to the sweet, many recipes call for evaporated milk. As the name suggests, evaporated milk is not vegan. Here's our guide to making vegan evaporated milk for all your baking needs. Read more

what to do with ripe bananas

What to Do With Ripe Bananas? Here’re 10 Healthy Recipes

Trying to figure out what to do with ripe bananas? Ripe bananas can be used in various ways. Get inspired with these 10 healthy overripe banana recipe ideas. Read more