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how to freeze yellow squash

How to Freeze Yellow Squash 2 Ways

Ever wanted to know how to freeze yellow squash? Keep reading for 2 simple methods to help reduce food waste and make your glut of squash last longer. Read more

cantaloupe recipe

10 Savory Cantaloupe Recipe Ideas

Looking for cantaloupe recipes? This summer fruit can be used to elevate savory dishes as well. We've gathered some of the best ways to use this summer melon. Read more

pumpkin spice oreos

Here’s How to Make Your Own (Accidentally Vegan) Pumpkin Spice Oreos

An American mainstay, Oreo cookies are a crowd favorite. Did you know you can make your own vegan pumpkin spice Oreo-style cookies at home? We'll show you how. Read more

spiked apple cider recipe

Spiked Apple Cider: Recipe and 5 Tricks for More Flavor

Looking for a spiked apple cider recipe to help elevate your next gathering? We'll show you how to punch up the flavor to this boozy autumnal beverage. Read more

You can easily make dandelion honey yourself.

Vegan Dandelion Honey Recipe

The interesting thing about dandelion honey is that isn't actually honey. Instead, it is a syrup containing sugar and dandelion aroma. We'll show you how to make this vegan "honey" yourself. Read more

hazelnut cream

How to Make Vegan Hazelnut Cream

Hazelnut cream is a bona fide comfort food fave, but you don't need to grab a jar of Nutella next time you get cravings. Instead, try making your own vegan hazelnut cream at home! Read more

Nutritional Yeast Popcorn

Super Easy Nutritional Yeast Popcorn Recipe

Popcorn is a classic snacking favorite, but have you ever tried nutritional yeast popcorn? We'll show you how to make this tasty vegan snack at home. Read more

Vegan tortillas

Quick & Tasty Vegan Tortillas Recipe

Homemade vegan tortillas are easy to make in your own kitchen using organic ingredients and avoiding preservatives. Read more