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homemade ginger beer

Homemade Ginger Beer the Old-Fashioned Way

Learn how to make homemade ginger beer the old-fashioned way with this easy, organic, electrical-appliance-free recipe for fresh and spicy homemade ginger beer. Read more

Vegan party food

10 Simple, Tasty Vegan Party Food Ideas

These vegan party food ideas are great for all seasons. Sticking to wholesome, plant-based recipes will make your guests happy and keep your party eco-friendly. Read more

roasted pumpkin seeds

Roasted Pumpkin Seeds: Quick Zero-Waste Recipe

Fall has arrived, meaning pumpkin season is upon us. If you're cooking with pumpkins at home, don't throw the seeds away! Roasting pumpkin seeds in the oven is easy and makes for a delicious snack. We'll show you how in this article. Read more

bang bang cauliflower recipe

Tasty Bang Bang Cauliflower Recipe

You'll love this tasty bang bang cauliflower recipe, the spicy flavor will explode in your mouth and the crispy, crunchy batter will leave you wanting more. Read more

is carbonated water bad for you

Is Carbonated Water Bad for You?

Is carbonated water bad for you, or is it a refreshing way to stay hydrated? Here's what to consider when deciding whether or not to avoid this bubbly drink. Read more

vegan pumpkin cake

Easy & Delicious Vegan Pumpkin Cake With Frosting

This vegan pumpkin cake is sweet, moist, and fluffy. It can be topped with a dusting of cinnamon or powdered sugar, or with a creamy vegan frosting — pick your favorite! Read more

Easy sushi bake recipe

Easy Sushi Bake Recipe + Vegan Option

This easy sushi bake recipe uses sustainably-sourced fish to make a tasty take on a deconstructed California roll. We've also included a vegan version to try. Read more

freezing onions

Can You Freeze Onions? Yes – And Here’s How

Freezing onions is a last resort method, used to avoid food waste. We’ll take a look at what you should keep in mind if you have leftover onions. Read more