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vegan sancocho

Vegan Sancocho: Recipe for the Flavor-Packed Dominican Root Stew

Vegan sancocho is just as comforting as its meaty counterpart. Brimming with hearty vegetables, follow our recipe for a twist on this Spanish-Caribbean classic. Read more

low fodmap vegetables

Low FODMAP Vegetables: 15 Options for IBS

Low FODMAP vegetables can help you maintain a healthy digestion and counteract symptoms of IBS or other digestive issues. Read more

Date shake

Date Shake: Vegan High-Protein High-Fiber Recipe

Packed full of protein and fiber, you'll love this healthy banana date shake. It's creamy and filling, giving you a great energy boost to start the day. Read more

post workout smoothie

3 Tasty Post-Workout Smoothies for Vegans

A post-workout smoothie is a great way to aid your body's recovery process by adding needed vitamins, protein, and minerals. Read on for three simple recipes. Read more

Plant based eggs

9 Breakfasts With Plant-Based Eggs

These tasty breakfasts with plant-based eggs are the perfect recipes to continue enjoying your favorite breakfasts. Read on for egg-free breakfast inspiration. Read more

how to freeze okra

How to Freeze Okra 2 Ways

Freezing okra is the best way to save it for a future recipe when it's no longer in season or in stock. Learn how to freeze okra using these two simple methods. Read more

Date scones

Date Scones: A Vegan Recipe for this Buttery Pastry

Vegan date scones are buttery, sweet, and easy to bake. Follow this seven-ingredient recipe to make delicious classic pastry. Read more

what is scoby

What Is SCOBY? How to Make a Kombucha Mother

You might have heard of kombucha, but what is SCOBY? You'll need to grow one in order to make kombucha at home. Find out everything you need to know here. Read more