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natural flavoring

The Difference Between Artificial & Natural Flavoring Might Surprise You

Ever wondered what the difference is between natural and artificial flavoring? The answer may surprise you and make you think twice before choosing the “natural” option. Read more

can you freeze pumpkin

Can You Freeze Pumpkin Pie, Puree or Canned Pumpkin?

It's hard to go without pumpkin when it's not in season! Here's how to preserve it for year-round enjoyment. Read more

how to preserve dandelions

How to Preserve Dandelion Flower, Leaves, and Roots

Dandelion is known for its therapeutic properties. Follow our guide for how to preserve dandelions — from flower to root. Read more

Satay sauce recipe.

Easy & Delicious Satay Sauce Recipe

Satay sauce is nutty and sweet with a kick of spice. Enjoy this simple and delicious recipe as a dip or dressing for veggie dishes! Read more

Boondi raita

Simple Boondi Raita + Vegan Recipe

Boondi Raita is a delicious Indian side dish, made from yogurt, spices, and little balls of fried chickpea flour or 'boondi'. Read on for our simple recipe. Read more

Vegan chocolate cake recipe

Easy Vegan Chocolate Cake Recipe

This vegan chocolate cake recipe is light, fluffy and mouthwateringly delicious! Make this popular dessert for parties and guests. Read more

Mangú recipe.

Mangú Recipe: Perfect Dominican Mashed Plantains

This delicious Dominican dish is made from mashed plantains and topped with red onion. You'll love this quick and easy mangú recipe. Read more

vegan schnitzel

Vegan Schnitzel: 3 Recipes With Tofu, Seitan & Chickpea Flour

If you're looking for a wonderful vegan schnitzel recipe, you're in luck! Follow our three recipes for vegan schnitzel alternatives that are both tasty and good for the earth. Read more