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Patacones recipe

Patacones Recipe: Crispy Fried Green Plantains

Patacones or crispy fried green plantain are sliced, pressed, and twice fried to give them a crunchy potato-chip-like texture. They taste great as a snack with dip. Read more

is whey protein vegan

Is Whey Protein Vegan?

Is whey protein vegan? In this guide we'll take a look at the ingredients of whey protein and assess whether or not they are suitable for vegans and vegetarians. Read more

mediterranean cucumber salad

Mediterranean Cucumber Salad You Need To Try This Summer

Try our Mediterranean cucumber salad for a quick, simple, and healthy vegan recipe which you can also jazz up with the addition of seasonal summer ingredients. Read more

sauerkraut salad

Easy & Delicious Sauerkraut Salad

This sauerkraut salad improves gut health by adding more probiotics to your diet. We'll also show you how to make your own sauerkraut for a complete DIY recipe. Read more

Vegetarian and vegan athletes

6 Vegan and Vegetarian Athletes in the US

If you thought meat was the protein of choice for pro athletes, think again. More and more people are eating plant-based diets — here are 6 vegan and vegetarian athletes. Read more

are twizzlers vegan

Are Twizzlers Vegan? Here’s What You Need To Know

Are Twizzlers vegan? Twizzlers might be a good vegan-friendly choice, in terms of ingredients, but there is a small mystery. Read on to learn more. Read more

preserving cucumbers

Preserving Cucumbers: 5 Delicious Pickle and No-Pickle Recipes

Preserving cucumbers can be tricky if you're not a big fan of traditional pickling. Try these two pickling recipes and five non-pickling recipes to preserve your cucumbers. Read more

vegan curry

Easy and Delicious Vegan Curry Recipe

This easy vegan curry is full of dried spices, healthy vegetables, and delicious tofu. It takes less than thirty minutes to make, and tastes best with steamed rice. Read more