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watermelon kimchi

Watermelon Kimchi: 2 Summery Recipes Without Food Waste

Watermelon is a fantastic summer treat but produces a lot of waste when the rind is tossed. Instead, cut the food waste with this tasty watermelon kimchi recipe. Read more

vegan restaurants in manhattan

The Top 20 Sustainable Vegan Restaurants in Manhattan in 2022

One of the world's food capitals, NYC has a wide variety of vegan eateries for whatever you are craving. Check out these vegan restaurants in Manhattan. Read more

vegetarian camping meals

15 Easy Vegetarian Camping Meals

Cooking vegetarian camping meals is fun and easy, whether on a camping stove or campfire. Enjoy preparing these delicious, simple dishes in the open air on your outdoor adventure. Read more

vegan cream cheese frosting

Vegan Cream Cheese Frosting 2 Ways

Vegan cream cheese frosting is rich and creamy, and can be used to decorate sponge cakes and cupcakes. We'll show you two ways to make it at home in a flash. Read more

whey protein alternatives

Which Whey Protein Alternatives Are Vegan and Sustainable?

Vegans and people who avoid lactose should steer clear of whey protein, which contains dairy. Here are five vegan whey protein alternatives that don't harm the environment. Read more

Quinoa pudding.

Quick Quinoa Pudding + 3 Variations

Quinoa pudding is rich and creamy and can be served as a dessert or as breakfast porridge. We'll show you how to make it along with different topping ideas. Read more


Easy Homemade Orangecello Recipe

If you like limoncello, then you're going to love orangecello: a simple, but sophisticated liqueur that you can make with leftover orange peels. Learn more here. Read more

whey protein vs isolate

Whey Protein vs. Isolate and Concentrate

Whey isolate and concentrate are two forms of whey protein. Learn the differences between the two, including their nutritional values and how they are produced. Read more