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zucchini slices

Zucchini Slices: A Super Easy Recipe for the Australian Snack

Zucchini slices are a healthy and popular Australian snack. Learn how to make our easy and delicious vegan zucchini egg bake recipe. Read more

dairy-free frosting

Quick & Delicious Dairy-Free Frosting

Looking for a dairy-free frosting recipe to complement your baked goods? Look no further. We'll show you how to make a simple version and different ways to enjoy it. Read more

hiking lunch ideas

15 Healthy & Vegan Hiking Lunch Ideas

Being vegan doesn't mean you have to eat boring food on hikes. Check out these hiking lunch ideas for healthy and creative meals you can take on the trail. Read more

iced matcha green tea latte

Deceptively Easy Iced Matcha Green Tea Latte Recipe

Invigorate your senses with a vegan iced matcha green tea latte. This quick and easy summertime alternative to coffee can easily be made at home with our simple recipe. Read more

lunch ideas for teens

15 Healthy Lunch Ideas for Teens

These healthy lunch ideas for teens are sure to satisfy both you and your kids. They're delicious and easy enough for your teens to cook for themselves. Read more

what does organic mean

What Does Organic Mean? Definition and Labels to Look Out For

The term gets thrown around a lot, but what does "organic" mean, exactly? We go past the misinterpretations and dive into what you can actually expect when buying organic. Read more

What to do with pickle juice.

What to Do With Pickle Juice: 21 Clever Uses

What to do with pickle juice once you've smashed through the contents of the jar is a connudrum. This nutritious, tasty liquid canbe used in your food and drinks. Here's how! Read more

Potato cheese recipe

Potato Cheese Recipe: The Cheapest Vegan Cream Cheese

Looking for a unique and easy-to-make vegan cream cheese? This potato cheese recipe is simple, sustainable, and delicious. Read on to learn more. Read more