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27 Eco-Friendly Experience Gift Ideas

Experience gift ideas
Foto: CC0 / Pixabay / 12019

Celebrate birthdays and holidays while minimizing waste by giving the gift of a fun memory. Here are twenty-seven of our favorite experience gift ideas.

Don’t know what to get your friend, partner, or family member for their birthday? In a world where consumerism is rampant and most of us already have more clutter than we know what to do with, giving the gift of a memorable experience is much more meaningful than more and more things. Check out our list of experience gift ideas to help you get inspired.


A trip to a botanical garden is the perfect relaxing experience gift idea.
A trip to a botanical garden is the perfect relaxing experience gift idea. (Foto: CC0 / Pixabay / Dar1930)

Give the gift of a chill, relaxed day by getting your loved one tickets to a local exhibition or booking them a day at the spa. The following gifts are great for partners, family members, friends, teachers, and more. You could also look into more kid-friendly options like hands-on museums and planetariums in your area.

  1. Facial: Everyone loves a visit to the spa!
  2. Massage: A relaxing massage is the perfect experience gift idea for a loved one who is busy or stressed.
  3. Museum Tickets: Check your local area for current exhibitions or museum events to make it extra special.
  4. Art Gallery Tickets: Enjoying art together is a great way to give the gift of time.
  5. Botanical Gardens Visit: Enjoy a slow stroll through beautiful nature.

DIY Experience Gifts

Pack a yummy picnic for you to enjoy together.
Pack a yummy picnic for you to enjoy together. (Foto: CC0 / Pixabay / KristineLejniece)

Save money and add a personal touch by offering the gift of an experience curated by you. There are lots of ways to do this.

  1. Pack a Picnic: Pack up some cauliflower hummus, vegan chickpea salad, or sandwiches made with homemade buckwheat bread along with some refreshing homemade ginger ale.
  2. Offer to Babysit: Need ideas for what to do? Try making a fun and easy recipe like maple taffy, going on a nature walk, or doing arts and crafts. You could make your own potato stamps, make homemade playdough, or homemade finger paint.
  3. Prepare a Special Dinner: Maybe a vegan roast, vegan mushroom risotto, or homemade pizza. And don’t forget Swedish chocolate cake for dessert!
  4. Host a Movie Night: Pick a film you’ve never seen before, or an old favorite.
  5. Backyard Camping: Check out our 11 tips for an amazing backyard camping experience.  


Sign your loved one up for a pottery class.
Sign your loved one up for a pottery class. (Foto: CC0 / Pixabay / LubosHouska)

Help your loved one learn something they’ve always been interested in but could never find the time or money to get started. Look into tutors, coaches, and classes in your area and find the perfect fit. This gift works well for children as well as adults. Cooking and art classes can be a fun activity and a great way to learn some valuable skills in just a session or two. Alternatively, you might want to help someone get started on something that they can really commit to. If you want to give a bigger gift, consider helping your loved one out with five to ten classes in order to get started learning their new skill.

  1. Cooking classes
  2. Art classes
  3. Language classes
  4. Sports training
  5. Musical instrument teaching


Going camping with your friend is a great idea for an experience gift.
Going camping with your friend is a great idea for an experience gift. (Foto: CC0 / Pixabay / Pexels)
  1. Transport to Nearby City: Pay for public transport or offer to carpool to a nearby city full of fun attractions where you can spend the day together.
  2. Camping: Give the gift of fun out in nature by providing transport, paying the camping fees, and packing groceries for a weekend away.
  3. Amtrak Tickets:  If you’re not sure where your loved one may way to visit, you can get them a voucher as well. There are many scenic Amtrak routes they may want to take just for the view.
  4. State or National Park Annual Pass: There’s no better experience gift idea for nature enthusiasts!
  5. Tour Guide: Put a twist on traditional travel and create a staycation experience for your loved one. One fun idea is to take the role of a tour guide and show your loved one around their own city. This can be a personal tour including all the memories you’ve shared around town.

Fun Experience Gifts

Do some painting with your loved one, and they'll have the art piece to remember that day.
Do some painting with your loved one, and they’ll have the art piece to remember that day. (Foto: CC0 / Pixabay / freephotocc)
  1. Concert Tickets: Get tickets to an upcoming concert.
  2. Roller Rink: Treat your loved one to a trip to a roller rink. This is an experience gift idea that is perfect for all ages!
  3. Rock Climbing Pass: Rock climbing is a great workout, but it can be expensive. Pay for the day or give a voucher for several visits.
  4. Fruit Picking: Load up on your favorite berries and go fruit-picking together!
  5. Dancing: Take your loved one out for a tango or some country line dancing.
  6. Painting: Get some painting supplies so you and your loved one can have fun getting artsy together.
  7. Restaurant: Gift a restaurant voucher for a dinner out together.

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