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The Big List of Subway Vegan Options + What to Order

The big list of Subway vegan options
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When you need to grab a bite to eat while you’re out, a vegan Subway could be the answer for you. We’ll show you what vegan options there are.

Subway is an American sandwich restaurant chain that first opened in 1965 in Bridgeport, Connecticut, serving a range of “submarine-shaped” (footlong or six-inch) sandwiches with customized fillings — including vegan ones.

Subway has been through its share of scandals or publicity flops over the years, but the biggest one is related to an animal product, anyway: a lawsuit was filed against Subway claiming that their tuna isn’t actually a fish product at all but rather a concoction “made from anything but tuna.” Some of Subway’s franchisees have also sued the fast food giant in the past, claiming that unfair regional structures and inspection processes push some out of business. In 2014, Subway removed a chemical contained in some of its breads, azodicarbonamide, that is typically used as a whitening agent after bad publicity.

With over 40,000 franchises worldwide it is still a popular option to fulfill anyone’s sandwich craving. By opting for the vegan subs you can reduce your carbon footprint while at the same time getting a tasty quick sandwich on the go.

Subway Vegan Options: What You Need to Know

It is pretty straightforward to order something vegan from Subway — they offer a choice of vegan sandwich fillings, sauces, and condiments as well as sides and drinks. Of course there’s more to a Subway sandwich than the filling: find out which type of bread is vegan in our guide to be sure, or read more about vegan breads at Subway below.

Back in 2012, Subway first started to offer plant-based protein fillings for a limited period — the Sweet Riblet sub (meat-free patty served with barbecue sauce), the Malibu Greek (herb-filled brown rice and rolled oats patty served with organic vegetables), and the Italian Black Bean sub (a spicy black bean patty).

Then in 2019, Subway joined up with Beyond Meat, a start up developing and selling plant-based meats, to create the plant-based Beyond Meatball Marinara sub. Its ‘meatballs’ are made from mung beans, peas, and rice and are drenched in marinara sauce and sprinkled with (dairy) parmesan cheese. At the time of writing this sub is available in Europe and, for a limited time only, in certain US Subway locations.

But don’t fear, there are a variety of permanent vegan options on the Subway sandwich menu to satisfy your appetite. We’ll show you what to order.

1. Order the Classic Veggie Delite

The Veggie Delite is full of salad and a great vegan option at Subway.
The Veggie Delite is full of salad and a great vegan option at Subway.
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The Veggie Delite is a classic vegan sub that you can rely on and is available at all locations in the US. It is made from 9-grain wheat bread and packed full of fresh vegetables such as green peppers, lettuce, red onions, tomatoes and cucumber and covered in the condiment of your choice (see below for vegan options). A tasty and crunchy sandwich to keep hunger at bay.

2. Choose a Veggie Patty

This vegan patty, available at select locations, is made of water chestnuts, mushrooms, cooked brown rice, whole grain oats, onions, and carrots. Subway also offers another veggie patty that contains eggs, so make sure you ask about the ingredients before ordering. Top with any vegetables and vegan condiments of your choice. Be aware that the patty may be cooked in the same area that animal-based products are cooked, ask if you’re unsure.

3. Build Your Own Vegan Subway Option

Not all of the bread at Subway is vegan.
Not all of the bread at Subway is vegan.
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One of the best things about Subway is that all the sandwich ingredients are on display when you order and you can see your sandwich being made in front of you. One vegan option is to build your own sandwich using the vegan ingredients which are available, let’s break this down into bread, fillings, and condiments.

  • Bread — The Italian white is available across the US. Other vegan options at selected branches include Roasted Garlic (made with sunflower oil), Harvest, Hearty Italian, 9 Grain Wheat bread (no longer contains honey), Slider Roll, sourdough, ciabatta, and the tomato basil and spinach wraps.
  • Fillings — All of the vegetable fillings on the menu are vegan, including black olives, tomatoes, cucumber, spinach, green peppers, red onion, jalapenos, pickles, lettuce, and banana peppers.
  • Condiments — A variety of vegan sauces and dips are available to add a kick to your sub, such as Sweet Onion Sauce, guacamole, Subway Vinaigrette, barbecue sauce, sweet chili sauce, buffalo sauce, ketchup, Creamy Italian, hot pepper relish, Fire-roasted Tomato sauce, Golden Italian, giardiniera, deli brown, and yellow mustard and mustard seed spread. As well as seasonings such as black pepper, salt, Sub Spice and oregano.

      4. What to Order With Your Subway Sandwich

      There are a few options you can add to your order to make it into a full meal, we’ll take a look at the vegan side dishes, desserts, and drinks available.

      • Side dishes — You can order a Veggie Delite salad with your sub, (or instead of it), this goes especially well with the Veggie Patty sub which is less salad based than the Veggie Delite sub. For something warmer, why not go for a cup of soup — vegans can choose from Black Bean Soup or Mediterranean Vegetable Soup. Finally, Subway sells a few flavors of vegan potato chips, such as Lay’s (Baked Plain, Limon, Classic, Sea Salt, Barbeque, Kettle Cracked Pepper, Salt and Vinegar, and Kettle Original) and Sun Chips Original flavor.
      • Desserts — Options here are limited to apple sauce and some restaurants offer a vegan double chocolate chip cookie.
      • Drinks — The following drinks are vegan: Hot coffee and tea, Huber’s Lemonade, Coca-Cola Fountain sodas, Vitamin water, bottled water, Simply drinks (apple, orange, lemonade), and Honest Kids Juice drinks.

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