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does salvation army take mattresses

Does Salvation Army Take Mattresses, Furniture & Food? Donation Guide

Does the Salvation Army take mattresses? What about furniture or food? Follow our donation guide for what they will and won't accept. Read more

Laundry drying on a clothes line on a sunny day.

Tips & Tricks for Hand Washing Clothes Like A Pro

Don't risk damaging your favorite clothes! Our guide to hand washing clothes will give you the results you want with minimal effort. Read more

are paper towels recyclable

No, Your Paper Towels Aren’t Recyclable or Compostable

Are paper towels recyclable? Find out why you can't recycle or compost this household staple and what you can do instead. Read more

Water-efficient toilets

How to Fix a Clogged Toilet With and Without a Plunger

If you want to know how to fix a clogged toilet, then there are plenty of ways to do so — both with and without a plunger. Learn some chemical-free ways here. Read more

How to dry eucalyptus

How to Dry Eucalyptus With Natural Methods (Long-Lasting)

Learning how to dry eucalyptus will allow you to enjoy this beautiful plant for months or even years. Find out how and why to do it with our simple guide. Read more

how to clean electric kettle

How to Clean an Electric Kettle in Only 2 Min

Wondering how to clean an electric kettle? Whether you need to descale the inside or just give it a good wash, this quick and simple method is for you. Read more

are milk cartons recyclable

Are Milk Cartons Recyclable? Here’s What You Need to Know

Yes! Milk cartons are recyclable. Follow this guide to learn exactly how to recycle milk cartons to help reduce waste in landfills, and help recycling facilities do their jobs. Read more

how to wash dirty sneakers

How to (Sustainably) Wash Shoes in the Washing Machine: 3 Steps

With mucky spring weather on the horizon, we’re all left wondering how to wash our shoes — is it even possible to wash sneakers? Read more