how to dispose of dog poop

How to Dispose of Dog Poop Responsibly

We all love our little furry friends but hate accidentally treading in the mess dogs leave behind. As environmentalists, this brings another question: how does one responsibly dispose of dog poop? read more

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How to Remove Stickers from Glass: 5 All-Natural Methods

The annoying task of removing stickers from glass does not need to be a chore if you employ these simple tricks. Here, we cover some cheap and eco-friendly ways to remove stickers from glass, dispensing the need for harsh chemical solvents and cleaners. read more

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Can You Recycle Wrapping Paper?

Some wrapping paper is recyclable, but some is not. Follow this guide to learn about which is which, as well as gain some new nifty tricks on how you can avoid gift-wrapping waste and be a greener gift-giver. read more

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10 Beautiful Autumn Flowers That Bloom in Fall

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How to Defrost Your Freezer – Safe & Easy

Think it might be time to defrost your freezer? As with any home appliance, it pays to keep your freezer in good working order. Not only does it save you money by extending the life of your appliance, it also keeps your energy costs down. read more