homemade fabric softener

All-Natural Homemade Fabric Softener

In this article, we will discuss the purpose of fabric softeners, the problem with commercial products, and introduce alternative recipes for all-natural homemade fabric softeners. read more

companion planting

Companion Planting: A Beginners Guide

Trying to figure out what and where to plant isn't easy. That's where companion planting comes in! With this guide, you'll learn what companion planting is, and how to do it. read more

how to remove mold from wood

How to Remove Mold From Wood With Natural Remedies

Your wood looks moldy and you don’t know what to do? The mold on wood is caused by a type of fungus that can produce pigmented spores on its surface. In this article, we will give you tips on how you identify, prevent, and get rid of mold on wood step-by-step. read more

what to do with old phone

What to Do With an Old Phone: 6 Sustainable Ideas

Wondering what to do with your old phone? Recycling your old cell phone helps reduce the extraction of raw materials and the emission of harmful gases, as well as the contamination of landfills, groundwater, and soil. read more

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What to Do With Old Books: 10 Ideas

Are you a bibliophile who owns too many books to fit inside your home? Or perhaps you've cleaned out that dusty bookshelf and are looking for ways to repurpose those old books no one will read anymore? We'll share 10 ideas for what to do with old books. read more

pine tree needles

Pine Tree Needles: How to Collect & Use Them

Pine tree needles are easily sourced and have long been appreciated for their therapeutic benefits. Here we outline how to collect pine tree needles and the ways you can put them to good use in and around your home. read more