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natural flea repellent

DIY Natural Flea-Repellent Laundry Liquid for Pet Bedding

Getting rid of fleas is one thing, but keeping them away can be hard too. Try our homemade natural flea-repellent laundry soap to keep your pet's bedding flea-free. Read more

Homemade ant trap

How to Make A Homemade Ant Trap: Step-by-Step DIY

Do you want to get rid of that trail of ants running through the house without using toxic pesticides? Here are two ways to make a homemade ant trap. Read more

How to store water long-term

How to Store Water Long-Term for Emergencies

Knowing how to store water long-term is a vital part of emergency planning. We look at how to prepare, clean and store water for multiple situations. Read more

can you freeze flour tortillas

Can You Freeze Flour Tortillas? Here’s How to Go About It

Can you freeze flour tortillas? You sure can. Learn how to freeze different tortillas using these simple instructions and make your next taco night a breeze. Read more

do i even need this

“Do I Even Need This?” One Student’s Quest to Overcome Clutter

Read about one young student's journey as she takes an honest look at her possessions, rethinks her relationship with consumerism and discovers the benefits of minimalism. Read more

Biscuit beetle

Biscuit Beetles: What They Are & How To Prevent Them

They contaminate your food and feast on your cookies — learn how to get rid of biscuit beetles without resorting to nasty insecticides that harm the environment. Read more

how to remove grass stains

5 Foolproof Ways to Get Grass Stains Out of Jeans (Naturally)

Don't let grass stains ruin your wardrobe. Follow our guide on how to get grass stains out of jeans using natural remedies that really work. Read more

Fertilize Your Basil Like a Pro: Tips for Growing Healthy, Vibrant Herbs

We’ll show you what to look out for when growing basil, chives, parsley etc. and how to harvest your herbs correctly. With the right plant care basil and other store-bought herbs can stay fresh for months. Read more