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how to remove super glue

How to Remove Superglue from Skin, Textiles, and Surfaces

Before you know it, it’s already happened. Despite your best efforts, super glue has somehow made its way onto your clothing, skin, or work surface. We’ll show you how to remove super glue without using heavy chemicals. Read more

How to clean a computer screen with household ingredients simply instructions guide how-to

How to Clean Computer Screens: Sanitizing Monitors With Household Products

Anybody who works on their computer most of the day should know how to clean a clean a computer screen properly. Here's how the pros do it. Read more

how to wash white clothes

How to Wash White Clothes: Preventing Discoloration

If washed the wrong way, bright white garments can start to look a bit gray after just a few washes. Here are some tips for washing white clothes. Read more

How to get stickers off glass easy household hacks

How to Get Stickers Off Glass and Remove Residue

So how do you remove stickers and get sticker residue off glass? Here are some helpful tips on how to get stickers and residue off for good. Read more

Black mold removal removing mold

Removing Mold: How to Clean Black Mold Effectively

Never put off removing mold from your walls – cleaning it as soon as possible is the most important thing. In this guide, we will show you how black mold removal works, what chemicals to use and when. Read more

how to remove grease stains

How to Remove Grease Stains with Household Items

Without the right treatment, they can turn into a real eyesore – we're here to show you how to remove grease stains from all kinds of surfaces. Read more

Black mold in bathroom: How to remove it

How to Avoid and Remove Black Mold in Your Bathroom

Bathroom mold isn't just unsightly – it can also be bad for your health. Here's how you can remove black mold from your bathroom or shower. Read more

How To Remove Coffee Stains

How To Remove Coffee Stains Without Chemicals: Tips and Tricks

Coffee stains are easy to get, but hard to undo. We’ll show you how to remove coffee stains using common household products, instead of chemical stain removers from the supermarket. Read more