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how to store fresh cilantro

How to Store Fresh Cilantro to Make It Last Longer

There's nothing quite like the zing of fresh cilantro, but what if yours is showing a desire to wilt? Here's how to store fresh cilantro in two easy ways. Read more

Vegan Passover recipies

21 of the Best Vegan Passover Recipes

Celebrate this important Jewish holiday with these vegan Passover recipes for starters, mains, sides, and desserts that make it easy to keep kosher and avoid animal products. Read more

how to freeze cilantro

How to Freeze Cilantro in 3 Easy Steps

Cilantro adds a burst of flavor as an ingredient or garnish. But what if you've got a lot of it and don't want it to go to waste? Here is how to freeze cilantro quickly. Read more

how to wash grapes

How to Wash Grapes and Avoid Chemicals In Your Diet

Washing produce ensures your food is healthy and free of unnecessary chemicals. Here's how to wash grapes using convenient pantry staples. Read more

how to store pizza dough

How to Store Pizza Dough Without Plastic Wrap

Store pizza dough properly to keep it good and guarantee a tasty crust. Here is how to store pizza dough with 4 simple methods. Read more

clean mushrooms

How To Clean Mushrooms To Get Rid of All Pesticides

Cleaning mushrooms may seem like a simple task, but there are scenarios where it's better to clean mushrooms with different techniques. Learn the best practices here. Read more

crostini recipes

Crostini Recipes: 10 Tantalizing Vegan Crostini Appetizers

These crostini recipes are a mouthwatering way to enjoy bread and veggies. Check out our delicious and fresh vegan crostini appetizers! Read more

health benefits of lion's mane

The Powerful Health Benefits of Lion’s Mane

The lion’s mane mushroom has garnered attention for being both a key food in healthy eating and for its health benefits as a natural remedy. Read more