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How to apologize

How to Apologize the Right Way

Apologies can be intimidating. Knowing how to apologize effectively is an absolute game changer and will have a positive impact on your relationships. Read more


Hangnails: What Are They and How to Manage Them

Hangnails are very common, and while many people are unbothered by them, others can find them a nuisance. Below, we'll look at what hangnails are and how to manage them. Read more

how to get lipstick out of clothes

How to Get Lipstick Out of Clothes

Are you wondering how to get lipstick out of clothes? In this guide, we'll look at some of the best ways that you can do so — without harming the planet. Read more

sauerkraut juice

Sauerkraut Juice Benefits, Side Effects & Uses

Sauerkraut juice sounds disgusting, but it will give your body a serious nutritional boost. It’s full of vitamins and contains healthy lactobacilli. We’ll tell you why this should be your new drink of choice. Read more

can you eat zucchini raw

Can You Eat Zucchini Raw? Benefits & Downsides of the Uncooked Squash

Zucchini is a versatile and delicious summer staple that can be enjoyed in a variety of ways. But can you eat zucchini raw? Find out here. Read more

roasted pumpkin seeds

Roasted Pumpkin Seeds: Quick Zero-Waste Recipe

Fall has arrived, meaning pumpkin season is upon us. If you're cooking with pumpkins at home, don't throw the seeds away! Roasting pumpkin seeds in the oven is easy and makes for a delicious snack. We'll show you how in this article. Read more

is carbonated water bad for you

Is Carbonated Water Bad for You?

Is carbonated water bad for you, or is it a refreshing way to stay hydrated? Here's what to consider when deciding whether or not to avoid this bubbly drink. Read more

staycation - relaxing at home

Staycation Ideas: 6 Ways to Enjoy a Relaxing Vacation at Home

Enjoy a staycation to avoid the stress of crowds, airports, traffic and packing suitcases. Here are some ideas as to what your staycation can look like. Read more