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Best state parks in Texas

The 8 Best State Parks in Texas for Camping, Hiking, Swimming

Texas is full of natural attractions ranging from its rock formations to its rivers and sand dunes. Check out eight of the best state parks in Texas and get to know the state! Read more

oregon state parks camping

The 10 Best Oregon State Parks for Camping: Coastal, Near Portland, South and East

With over 200 state parks in Oregon, you have many options for camping, hiking and connecting with the outdoors. Numerous beautiful spots in nature are readily accessible to adults and kids alike. Read more

best hiking water bottle, best glass water bottle

12 Reusable, Eco-Friendly Water Bottles for Sports and Everyday Hydration

Whether you want a glass water bottle, an insulated option, something suited for hiking, or stainless steel — find the best water bottle for your lifestyle here. Read more

Trail games

The 9 Best Trail Games for Family Hikes

Trail games are a great way to encourage your children to learn and take an interest in nature. Here are a few games you can try to bond with your little ones. Read more

DIY backpacking meals

How To Make DIY Backpacking Meals + 13 Ideas

Learn how to make DIY backpacking meals before a long backpacking adventure. Our guide will help you make healthier, tastier, and more environmentally-friendly meals for your trip. Read more

hiking lunch ideas

15 Healthy & Vegan Hiking Lunch Ideas

Being vegan doesn't mean you have to eat boring food on hikes. Check out these hiking lunch ideas for healthy and creative meals you can take on the trail. Read more

Big bear hiking trails

7 Don’t-Miss Hiking Trails in Big Bear

Big Bear Lake is perfect for a nature-packed California adventure. Check out some of the best Big Bear hiking trails for a great workout with picturesque views. Read more

deadly flowers

10 Most Deadly Flowers in the US

Beautiful plants can be dangerous to both animals and humans. You may be surprised to find out that the United States has more than a few deadly flowers. Read more