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natural pesticide

Natural Pesticides: A Comprehensive Guide For Your Garden

This comprehensive guide to natural pest control includes effective recipes and explains the benefits and types of natural pesticides for an eco-friendly garden. Read more

natural flea repellent

DIY Natural Flea-Repellent Laundry Liquid for Pet Bedding

Getting rid of fleas is one thing, but keeping them away can be hard too. Try our homemade natural flea-repellent laundry soap to keep your pet's bedding flea-free. Read more

is skinny dipping illegal

Is Skinny Dipping Illegal? What You Need to Know

Is skinny dipping illegal? If you want to experience swimming in the buff, it's important to learn the laws before you strip down. We've got you covered. Read more

treated vs. untreated wood

Treated vs. Untreated Wood: What’s More Eco-Friendly?

Find out which is more eco-friendly: treated vs. untreated wood. Learn about the pros and cons of each to make an informed decision. Read more

how to make dandelion tea

How to Make Dandelion Tea (and Why You Should)

Learn how to make dandelion tea with our easy dandelion tea recipe. Enjoy the health benefits of this natural, refreshing beverage at home! Read more

homemade bug spray

Homemade Bug Spray: Simple, Effective and Eco-Friendly

Try this homemade bug spray to protect yourself and the environment. It'll keep you safe from pests while keeping bugs and insects healthy. Read more

Laundry drying on a clothes line on a sunny day.

Tips & Tricks for Hand Washing Clothes Like A Pro

Don't risk damaging your favorite clothes! Our guide to hand washing clothes will give you the results you want with minimal effort. Read more

wild onion

Can You Eat Wild Onions? Here’s What to Look Out For

You can eat wild onion — if you follow these simple steps to stay safe. From identifying to cooking, we cover everything you need to know. Read more