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grilled cornbread

Grilled Cornbread: Vegan & Customizable

Grilled cornbread: the perfect way to finish off this Southern specialty for a crispy treat! Read more

is yeast vegan

Is Yeast Vegan? Everything You’ve Got to Know

If you’re interested in a vegan lifestyle, you may be wondering — is yeast vegan? We discuss the different types of yeast and whether they are vegan-friendly. Read more

Avocado substitute

8 Avocado Substitutes for Sandwiches, Salads & More

Whether your trying to save money, take it easy on the environment, or you're just sick of avocados, there are loads of alternatives. Check out these yummy avocado substitutes you can use in smoothies, sandwiches, sushi rolls, salads and more! Read more

what goes with asparagus

What Goes With Asparagus? 9 Vegan Options

Asparagus has a short season, so make the most of it while you can! Here are nine ideas of what goes well with asparagus to help get you started. Read more

Vegan Whipped Cream Recipe

Vegan Heavy Whipping Cream Substitute Recipe

As the universe of vegan foods expand, those of us that are used to a strict diet and those who are just cutting more animal product out can incorporate exciting dishes that don't have to abandon classic favorites like this vegan whipping cream recipe.  Read more

how to thicken bbq sauce

How to Thicken BBQ Sauce: Quick & Easy Methods

Nobody likes thin, runny BBQ sauce – it should be thick and sticky. Learn how to thicken BBQ sauce easily with common ingredients found in your kitchen. Read more

How to grow strawberries indoors

How to Grow Strawberries Indoors: A Simple Guide

Wondering how to grow strawberries indoors? If you love berries and prefer homegrown fruits, read on for tips on how to grow and care for your strawberry plants in your apartment. Read more

Campfire Pizza

Campfire Pizza Recipe: Vegan & Customizable

Cooking campfire pizza is easy, quick and gives the pizza that authentic wood-fired taste. Pizza is a really simple dish to make, and you can use whatever toppings you want. Read more