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can you freeze dough

Can You Freeze Dough? What to Look Out For

Can you freeze dough? Freezing is a great way to preserve things if you've made too much, or want to prepare food ahead of time. We'll take a look at the best ways to freeze different kinds of dough. Read more

vegan spanakopita

Vegan Spanikopita: A Tasty, Plant-Based Recipe

Try this vegan spanakopita recipe for a plant-based twist on the Greek classic. Plus, make our vegan feta cheese for a wholly homemade filling. Read more

Golden matcha

Golden Matcha Latte Recipe (Vegan)

Golden matcha latte is a caffeinated drink packed with antioxidants to help you boost your immune system. If you are trying to stay away from coffee, try this golden matcha recipe to kick off the day! Read more

substitute for cocoa powder

5 Substitutes for Cocoa Powder and How to Use Them

Whether you are out of cocoa powder or worried about the sustainability factor of the cacao plant, here's how you can substitute for cocoa powder in your recipes. Read more

pickled red cabbage recipe

Pickled Red Cabbage: Quick & Easy Recipe

Making pickled red cabbage is a great way to preserve cabbage harvests so that it can be enjoyed at a later time. We'll share our favorite recipe for this. Read more

vegan ice cream cake

Vegan Ice Cream Cake: A Delicious Plant-Based Recipe

Ice cream cake is the perfect dessert for any birthday party or hot summer day. With vegan ice cream readily available in supermarkets and also easy to make yourself, there's no reason not to make vegan ice cream cake! Read more

ferment mushrooms

Want to Ferment Mushrooms? It Can be Done, Here’s How!

Fermented mushrooms are easy on the digestive system and even more delicate to digest that other fermented vegetables. Read here to learn how to ferment mushrooms yourself safely. Read more

Vegan Onigiri

Vegan Onigiri: 10 Tasty, Plant-Based Ideas

Making your own vegan onigiri is simple and delicious! Read on for an onigiri recipe and ten different ways to fill and flavor them, including a recipe for no-tuna mayo. Read more