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Can You Freeze Pineapple? Yes: How-to and Recipes

can you freeze pineapple
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Not only can you easily freeze pineapple, but you can also turn frozen pineapple into delicious drinks and desserts. We’ll show you how here.

Pineapple is a much loved tropical fruit, most commonly associated with Hawaii, despite the fact that the world’s largest producer of pineapples is actually Costa Rica, followed closely by the Philippines. They are often grown in large monocultures, and the entire industry relies quite heavily on chemical pesticides. When looking to purchase pineapple, look for the organic label, and always check the origin of the fruit –  stick to Hawaiian if possible. 

When a recipe calls for pineapple, it may be tempting to head to the canned goods section. However, there is a significant difference in the nutritional value when buying canned vs. fresh. Not only is there significantly less vitamin C in canned pineapple, but the canning process destroys a key anti-inflammatory enzyme called bromelain. You are better off freezing fresh pineapple compared to canned. 

Like most fruits, the texture will change slightly after being frozen, but that doesn’t mean you can’t still use it. The taste of pineapple after freezing is just as good as fresh. You can easily freeze pineapple, and we’ll show you how to do it.

How to Freeze Pineapple

After removing the skin, don't let it go to waste. Use the skin and core to make pineapple infused water.
After removing the skin, don’t let it go to waste. Use the skin and core to make pineapple infused water. (Foto: Utopia / K.Stankiewicz)

While it may be tempting to just add the entire pineapple to the freezer, that’s not a good idea. When the time comes to use it, defrosting an entire pineapple would take far too long. Therefore, it’s a good idea to prepare the pineapple as much as possible before freezing. Not only will this save space in your freezer, but it also means you can pull it out when you need it and it will be ready to go. 

  1. Remove the skin and core the pineapple. This step is the same whether you’re eating it the day, or wishing to freeze the fruit. 
  2. Slice the pineapple, or cut it into chunks. Figure out how you’d like to use the pineapple after freezing it to determine how you should cut it now. If you’re not sure how you’ll be using it, cut it into small pieces – they’re versatile and can thaw quite quickly. 
  3. Spread the pineapple pieces out on a baking tray lined with a silicone baking mat, or other parchment paper alternative
  4. Place the baking tray in the freezer until the fruit freezes. This method is known as flash-freezing and is quite common when freezing fruits, vegetables, and even cookie dough. It allows each piece to be frozen separately, instead of as one large mass. 
  5. Remove the chunks from the baking sheet, and place them in a reusable freezer container. It’s good practice to label it with the date and contents so you know when you need to use it by. 

Using Frozen Pineapple

Freezing pineapple in small chunks makes it easier to use in other recipes.
Freezing pineapple in small chunks makes it easier to use in other recipes. (Foto: Utopia / K.Stankiewicz)

Frozen pineapple makes a tasty treat all on its own, and can work as an alternative to popsicles or ice cream. If you’re looking for some inspiration for ways to use your frozen pineapple, consider the following ideas: 

  • Add it to smoothies or homemade slushies: use frozen pineapple chunks as an alternative to ice cubes, and add a flavor kick at the same time.
  • Make pineapple infused water: if you want to add a bit of flavor to your water, stab the frozen pineapple chunks with a fork a few times before adding it to water so the flavor can really shine. You might also want to add some pineapple to ginger water
  • Mix into a fruit salad: you can add it frozen, or allow it to thaw in the fridge overnight before adding it to your other fruits. 
  • Create a pineapple-mint sorbet: blend the frozen pineapple, a bit of ginger, some mint leaves, and lemon juice together in a blender until smooth. Pour into a reusable freezer container and allow it to freeze. Scoop out and enjoy!
  • Add it to kombucha cocktails: pineapple is a flavor that is complementary to many herbs and other fruits making it an ideal addition to cocktails. 

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