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can you freeze olive oil

Can You Freeze Olive Oil? How and When You Want to

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can you eat mushrooms raw

Can You Eat Mushrooms Raw? Here’s What You Should Know

Can you eat mushrooms raw? Isn't agaritine toxic? Though raw mushrooms can be dangerous, it depends on the variety. Here's what to remember. Read more

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Is Quinoa Good for You? Why You Better Wash It First

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Uncovering the Truth About Soy Sauce: Is It Really Bad for Your Health?

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Nitrate vs nitrite

Nitrate vs. Nitrite: Differences and Uses in Food

Nitrate vs. nitrite: What's the difference? Learn how these food additives are used and their potential positive and negative health effects. Read more

what is seitan

Seitan: The Plant-Based Powerhouse You Need in Your Diet

What is seitan, and what makes it a nutrition megastar? Learn more about what seitan is made of and how to make this vegan meat alternative at home. Read more

Nutella Lovers, Unite & Learn How to Make Nutella at Home (It’s Vegan)

Making homemade vegan Nutella means knowing for sure that your dessert doesn't contain any mystery ingredients. Making chocolate spreads yourself is really easy: all you need is a few simple ingredients and a powerful blender. Read more

is chai tea good for you

6 Important Chai Tea Benefits and How to Get Them

Chai's health benefits range from better digestion to improved cell function, but there are some things to watch out for. Here's what. Read more