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Is Zucchini Good for You? Benefits, Risks and More

is zucchini good for you
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This low-carb green vegetable packed full of vitamins and minerals. Keep reading to find out why zucchini is good for you, and some potential drawbacks.

Zucchini belongs to the Cucurbitaceae plant family, which also includes melons, squash and cucumbers. Different varieties come in a range of colors, from dark green to bright yellow. Zucchini is a popular summer vegetable because it is light and very versatile. You can add it to dishes like salads, stir-fries and pasta. You can even make zucchini noodles or eat it raw. It is packed full of vitamins and minerals, making it a very nutritious vegetable. Keep reading to find out what health benefits this healthy veg offers. 

One medium zucchini contains the following nutritional value

  • Calcium, 31.4 mg
  • Iron, 0.725 mg
  • Magnesium, 35.3 mg
  • Potassium,512 mg
  • Vitamin B6, 0.319 mg
  • Vitamin C, 35.1 mg

The Health Benefits of Zucchini

Zucchini noodles are a lighter version of pasta to try.
Zucchini noodles are a lighter version of pasta to try.
(Foto: CC0 / Pixabay / creativeckck)

Not only is zucchini low in sugars, calories and fats, but it also offers the following health advantages:

  • Improved cardiovascular health. Zucchini contains lots of fiber. Studies show that diets that are high in fiber can reduce a person’s chance of developing heart disease. It also contains the fiber pectin, which is known to lower cholesterol levels.
  • High antioxidants. Zucchini is high in antioxidants, which help remove free radicals from the body. If free radicals build up, they can damage cells and potentially lead to cancer. 
  • Better digestion. These vegetables also promote a healthy digestive system. One medium zucchini contains 186 grams of water, meaning it can help improve digestion by loosening stools. It also contains soluble and insoluble fiber to keep the gut healthy. 
  • Reduced blood sugar levels. Zucchini is low-starch and does not affect blood glucose levels very much as it is low in carbohydrates. Is also a great food to eat for weight loss. One 2005 study shows that low-starch diets may reduce the need for insulin medication in people with type 2 diabetes. 
  • Improved eye health. Zucchini contains two antioxidants, lutein and zeaxanthin, that are beneficial for eye health. Furthermore, it has high levels of Vitamin A, which is essential for healthy eye development. 

Potential Drawbacks

Is zucchini good for you? Maybe not if you stuff it with cheese!
Is zucchini good for you? Maybe not if you stuff it with cheese!
(Foto: CC0 / Pixabay / Einladung_zum_Essen)

Like all foods, zucchini may not be the best vegetable for absolutely everyone to eat. It includes certain risks and should always be eaten in moderation. Here are the drawbacks of this versatile vegetable: 

  • It can cause digestive issues. People who have Irritable Bowel Syndrome may want to avoid eating too much zucchini. The soluble fiber it contains, cellulose, can cause gas and bloat. 
  • Oxalates. Zucchini also has oxalates, which are produced naturally in the body. Too many oxalates, however, can crystallize and lead to kidney stones. 

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