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what is stealthing

What Is Stealthing? Nonconsensual Barrier Removal Explained

Content warning: sexual assault // Stealthing, the nonconsensual removal of a sexual barrier, is a type of sexual assault. Learn more about this practice, and what you can do about it. Read more

How to be a stoic

How to Be a Stoic & Manage Stress

Stoicism is an ancient form of philosophy that teaches how to manage emotions through mindfulness and contemplation. We'll show you how to be a stoic and manage stress. Read more

how to stop leg cramps at night

How to Stop Leg Cramps at Night — Naturally

Want to know how to stop leg cramps at night? Follow our 10 natural remedies to find a solution that works. Read more

Miracle morning routine

The Miracle Morning: Principles & Examples

The 'miracle morning routine' is said to help you become more productive, but what exactly does it consist of? Below, we'll discuss what it is, and why you may want to try it. Read more

How to build trust in a relationship

How To Build Trust in a Relationship: 8 Ideas

In order to be completely vulnerable and authentic with one another, and reduce conflict and anxiety, it's important to build trust in your relationship. Read more

freshman advice

12 Pieces of Freshman Advice From Graduates

You're finally leaving the nest and going off on your own! Check out this freshman advice to make the most out of your first year in college. Read more

how to get out of bed in the morning

How to Get Out of Bed in the Morning

Do you struggle to leave the comfort of your bed? Learn how to get out of bed in the morning with these healthy and natural tips. Read more

Tension vs cluster headache

Tension vs. Cluster Headache: The Differences & Treatments

Tension vs. cluster headache — do you know which one you suffer from? We'll answer this question and provide tips and remedies to help. Read more