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nestle products

Crime & Controversy: Nestle’s 5 Biggest Scandals Explained

Nestlé products are among the most maligned by ethically conscious consumers. But why? We'll take a quick look at what controversies give Nestlé such a bad rap. Read more

is cerave cruelty free

Is Cerave Cruelty-Free? What You Need to Know in 2023

Best known for its affordable and effective skin care products, is Cerave cruelty-free or do they still test on animals? Conscious consumers want to know. Read more

Vegan nail polish

7 Vegan Nail Polishes in Every Color of the Rainbow

Nail polish often contains animal-derived pigments and can be damaging to your nails and the environment. Here are 7 vegan nail polish brands that are great alternatives. Read more

woman drinking coffee and patting a dog

4 Life-Changing Reusable Nespresso Pods You Need to Try ASAP

Disposable coffee pods are terrible for the environment. But there's good news: these 4 reusable Nespresso pod brands make an excellent cup! Read more

eco-friendly phone cases

7 Eco-Friendly Phone Cases That Are Actually Cute

Eco-friendly phone cases are a great way to customize your phone in both a sustainable and planet-friendly way. However, which brands offer the best options? Read more

Best chocolate brands for vegans 2021 2022

9 Delicious Vegan Chocolate Brands

A vegan diet doesn't mean depriving yourself. Here are the best vegan chocolate bar brands to satisfy your sweet tooth! Read more

eco friendly pens

7 Best Eco-Friendly Pens: Recycled, Durable, Biodegradable

When it comes to plastic waste, pens are often overlooked. Turn your workspace green by using eco-friendly pens instead. Here's what's available on the market. Read more

zero voc paint

5 Zero-VOC Paints to Keep Toxic Fumes Out of Your Home

When changing up the look of your home, choosing VOC-free paints may be more important than the color! Keep reading to find out why and which eco-friendly paint we recommend. Read more