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Vegan Shawarma

Vegan Shawarma 3 Ways

Can't try shawarma because you're vegan? We'll provide you with three different and delicious vegan shawarma recipes using cauliflower, chickpeas, and eggplant. Read more

Can you freeze coffee?

Can You Freeze Coffee? How-To for Beans, Pre-Ground or Brewed

Ever wondered whether you can freeze coffee? Follow this sustainable guide and find out how to store beans, pre-ground and brewed coffee that won’t impact its taste while reducing unnecessary waste. Read more

Orange juice espresso

Orange Juice & Espresso: How to Make the TikTok-Trend

Orange juice espresso is a newly popular and refreshing (yet effective) drink. With summer just around the corner, learn how to make orange juice espresso yourself. Read more

toasted flour

Toasted Flour: 5 Reasons To Try It & How To

Toasted flour enhances the flavor of many sweet and savory dishes. Add some excitement to your meals with our handy and easy-to-follow guide. Read more

what is kasha

What is Kasha? How to Make This Delicious Porridge

What is kasha? It's a grain-like seed that can be a healthy base for meals. Keep reading to learn more about this delicious ingredient, and get a recipe for kasha porridge. Read more

veggie sausage recipe

Veggie Sausage Recipe + Vegan Version & Variations

These veggie sausages are easy to make and even easier to flavor just the way you like them. Great for grilling, they are sure to be a hit at your next BBQ. Read more

Can you freeze risotto?

Can You Freeze Risotto? 3 Tips to Freeze & 3 Tips to Thaw Safely

Risotto is a creamy, Italian rice dish that is cooked in a broth until all the water is absorbed. It can be topped with vegetables, meat, or cheese and can be frozen to eat later. Read more

Parmesan substitute

6 Easy (And Vegan) Parmesan Substitutes

Parmesan substitutes are a tasty alternative to parmesan cheese. Surprisingly to some, parmesan isn't even vegetarian – learn why, and try these delicious replacements. Read more