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is falafel vegan?

Is Falafel Vegan? Here’s How to Find out When It Is

Most of us know falafel as a tried and true favorite that's cool for vegans and vegetarians. But is falafel ever made with animal products? Read here to find out. Read more

lotus root benefits

Lotus Root: Benefits & Culinary Use

You might not realize at first glance, but the beautiful lotus plant has many health benefits. Several portions of the plant are edible, but the lotus root benefits are perhaps the most accessible in everyday cooking. Read more

garlic flowering

Flowering Garlic: Can You Still Harvest Blooming Garlic?

Noticed garlic flowering in your garden, and wondering what to do? Keep reading to find out why it happens, how to use it, and ways to avoid it in the future. Read more

pasta water

Pasta Water: The Secret Ingredient to Amazing Sauces

Pasta water is one of the best kept secrets of the culinary world that you need to know about. Using it in sauces can help elevate any pasta dish. Read more

Lemon extract substitute

5 Easy Lemon Extract Substitutes

Lemon extract is often needed in all sorts of baking and cooking recipes. Here we outline a few lemon extract substitutes you can use to replace the real thing. Read more

Bacon substitute

9 Bacon Substitutes for Vegans & Vegetarians

Whether you are vegan, vegetarian, or simply trying to add more healthy foods into your diet, these bacon substitutes are a delicious place to start. Read more

cheesecloth alternative

10 Cheesecloth Alternatives You Might Already Have at Home

Cheesecloth is a useful tool in the kitchen, but what can you use when you haven't got any? Here are some cheesecloth alternatives you can try. Read more

Dolphin safe

Dolphin-Safe: The Label, Its Promises And “Dolphin-Safe Tuna”

Can tuna really be dolphin safe? Research suggests that dolphin-friendly labels, familiar to most shoppers, are not as friendly as they may seem. Read more