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Can You Reuse Charcoal

Can You Reuse Charcoal? 5 Uses for Old Charcoal

Can you reuse charcoal? Yes, you can — old charcoal has multiple uses beyond the grill. Read on to find out more about the sustainability of charcoal, and 5 ways to reuse it. Read more

ice cream alternative

The 5 Best Ice Cream Alternatives

While it may seem like a challenge, it's still possible to enjoy frozen treats as a vegan. Here are some ice cream alternatives to enjoy this summer. Read more

can you freeze ginger

Can You Freeze Ginger? 3 Ways to Go About It

Wondering if you can freeze ginger? It's actually one of the best ways to store the aromatic rhizome. Let's take a look at how to freeze ginger. Read more

Vegan lobster

Vegan Lobster: No-Sea-Food Recipe With 6 Ingredients

With overfishing plaguing our oceans, it's best to skip the seafood. However, you can still enjoy some vegan lobster when the craving for a lobster roll hits. Read more

Ginger Peel

Ginger Peel: When You DON’T Have to Peel & How to Use It When You DO

Ginger root is spicy, healthy, and delicious, yet so much can be wasted if peeled incorrectly. But does ginger need to be peeled? Is it safe to eat ginger peel? Read more

Vegan cannoli

Vegan Cannoli Recipe With Non-Dairy Ricotta

Cannoli is a classic Italian dessert characterized by its crispy shell and a creamy filling. You can easily make your own vegan cannoli using our recipe below. Read more

Pine nut substitute

6 Pine Nut Substitutes for Pesto, Salads & More

Pine nuts are a popular ingredient in pesto, salads, and other dishes, but they come at a price. In this article, we present you with several environmentally friendly and cost efficient pine nut substitutes. Read more

Can you freeze garlic?

Can You Freeze Garlic? Whole Clove, Peeled, or Chopped

Ever wondered whether you can freeze garlic? If you have leftover garlic and don’t want it to go to waste, follow this guide on how you can freeze garlic, totally plastic-free. Read more