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how to cook millet

How to Cook Millet So It’s Perfect

Millet is similar to quinoa in that it's a seed rather than a grain, however its uses are similar to whole grains. Budget-friendly, versatile and easy to cook, here we offer some advice on how to cook millet perfectly every time. Read more


Poha: How to Prepare the Vegan Breakfast Rice From India

Poha is one of the most popular breakfasts in India. Learn how to make this exotic, vegan flattened rice recipe to expand your breakfast repertoire. Read more

Congri Rice

Congri Rice: How to Make Vegan Arroz Congri

Congri rice, also known as Cuban black beans and rice, is a delicious and healthy vegan meal or side dish. Keep reading for a simple vegan arroz congri recipe that can be ready in under thirty minutes! Read more

Rolling pin substitutes

7 Rolling Pin Substitutes: How to Reuse Household Objects

Have you ever gotten half way through a recipe only to realize you don't have a rolling pin in the kitchen? Don't worry! Here are seven rolling pin substitutes that will work (just as) well. Read more

Onion skins uses

Put Onion Skins Back to Use: 5 Useful Tricks

Onion skins are almost always bound for the trash or compost. Believe it or not, these vegetable scraps are incredibly healthy and can be easily reused. Read more

ferment mushrooms

Want to Ferment Mushrooms? It Can be Done, Here’s How!

Fermented mushrooms are easy on the digestive system and even more delicate to digest that other fermented vegetables. Read here to learn how to ferment mushrooms yourself safely. Read more

vegan kefir

2 Ingredient Vegan Kefir Recipe

Is it possible to make vegan kefir? Packed with probiotics, kefir is a healthy addition to your diet. We'll share two different ways to make delicious and nutritious non-dairy kefir. Read more

Does cooking oil go bad?

Does Cooking Oil Go Bad? How to Make It Last

You may love to cook, but with genius inventions like air fryers, you may be using less or no oil. Could that bottle of oil you've got standing in your kitchen go bad? Read more