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how to make lip balm homemade recipe chapstick

How to Make Homemade Lip Balm: Easy Recipe for Chapstick

You want to learn how to make lip balm? Then try this homemade lip balm recipe. It is easy, all-natural and a sustainable alternative to store-bought chapstick. Give it a try. Read more

Zero Waste Baby

6 Easy Tips for a Zero-Waste Baby

Even before a baby arrives, parents are faced with new consumer choices. We gathered tips from a mother of two who knows her way around an eco-kid's room. Read more

10 Green Tips That Will Make Your Everyday Life More Sustainable

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Edamame Beans: Buying, Growing, & Eating This Superfood

Edamame beans are soybeans harvested before becoming fully mature. Utopia will show you what counts when it comes to buying edamame, nutrition, how to grow it yourself and how to prepare a simple recipe here. Read more

Fall Pumpkin Smoothie

DIY Pumpkin Smoothie – An Easy, Healthy Recipe

What tastes more like autumn than a pumpkin smoothie? This recipe is a simple, low-calorie substitute for summer smoothies and takes almost no time. Give it a try! Read more

homemade playdough recipe

How to Make Homemade Playdough: An Easy DIY Recipe

Why run out to buy brandname playdough when you can make it in the same amount of time at home? We'll show you how it’s done in three simple steps Read more

Headache home remedies headache relief woman

Headache Home Remedies That Really Work

Need a natural home remedy for a splitting headache? Check out these simple household tips and tricks for headache relief. Read more

Edible flowers

Edible Flowers: Beyond Decoration

Cultivate and enjoy edible flowers in your kitchen: Utopia shows you how! Read more