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vegan wool

Is Wool Vegan? This is How You Can Knit More Sustainably

Wool is not vegan. Traditional wool for knitting can be harmful to animals and the environment. That's why finding vegan wool alternatives is important. Read more

DIY hand warmers

DIY Hand Warmers: How You Can Make Them at Home

You don't need to use warming pads with potentially harmful substances to heat your chilly fingers in the winter. Follow this simple tutorial to make your own DIY hand warmers in the afternoon — no sewing machine required. Read more

DIY Christmas Gifts Homemade handmade gift ideas

8 Lovely Homemade Christmas Gifts To Make This Year

Surprise your loved ones with DIY Christmas gifts this year. We have complied five homemade Christmas gifts ideas, that are easy to make and sustainable. Read more

christmas gift wrapping ideas

10 Unique Christmas Gift Wrapping Ideas

Here are some creative Christmas gift wrapping ideas that are sure to lend your presents a personal touch. They are also sustainable and waste-free. Read more

Home remedies for flies get rid of flies and keep them away

3 Natural Home Remedies To Get Rid of Flies

Fight houseflies without chemical sprays. We’ll show you how to rid yourself of those nuisances without harming the environment or your health. Read more

how to clean cookie sheets

Salt as an Effective Way To Clean Your Baking Sheet

Have you been wondering how to get your cookie sheets clean again without resorting to aggressive chemicals? These common household products will do the trick without doing damage to your wallet or to the environment. Read more

kotatsu diy

How to Make a DIY Kotatsu & What to Consider First

Expensive heating got you down? Try a DIY kotatsu — a Japanese-style heated coffee table you can cozy up to with loved ones. Read more

Candles are a great add-on for many occasions.

How To Make Scented Candles at Home

Try making scented candles from leftover wax instead of throwing it out. We’ll look at how to make a DIY scented candle, and how to customize the scents. Read more